Poem: In the sky

Dutch countryside - 1 July 2020 - Iphone SE 2020

This poem is dedicated to my children, who like many other children have a great imagination.

Going down the highway, staring at the heavens,
A bloated dragon transfixed my gaze.
It was spitting fire, but scared I was not,
As soon it disappeared into the haze.

Moving slowly along, waiting to be discovered,
Was a long wrinkled trunk, flailing in the air.
‘Twas easy to imagine the puffy elephant’s bellow,
I looked on with intrigue but had no fear.

Next in line - were two gigantic lions,
Floating high, but quickly were disarmed,
Becoming fluffy white clouds like pillows so soft,
A reminder that there’s no cause for alarm.

There were ships, horses and birds in flight,
All appeared against the skies - so blue,
Isn’t it amazing what an azure background,
Clouds and a vivid imagination can do.


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