One of the memorable chapters of life.

Tuition is a very common part-time earning source in my country. For some people, this is full-time work too. Different people dive into this with different motives. Some do it for financial need, some as a hobby or for time pass with something good. Whatever the reason, I like the idea of earning pocket money or getting independent with it. This is usually not a permanent earning source. Some do get settled with this because of their skills and experience in this field but the percentage is not very satisfactory. It's perfect as a part-time earning source.


I too have the experience of tuition. I guess I haven't shared that thing on the chain so far. Well, I started it months ago out of boredom. I didn't start thinking about the financial aspect primarily but to remove my boredom. I got the offer from an uncle who lives just two houses next to ours. My family has a very good understanding with them and their children love me a lot too. So when they were confined due to the lockdown they mostly needed a teacher who would be their friends too and on the contrary, I also needed something to remove my boredom at home for a little. A boy and a little girl are my students. They are also good at studies and very joyful.

People do many things in their life, some become comfortable with those and some aren't. If you can't get acceptance about the work from your heart then you won't have the real taste of it. You will just turn into a robot performing their task without any emotions just for an outcome. What I am trying to point out is that I love spending time with them. Two points I wanna mention, I had not decided on any fixed tuition fees before starting neither did I rush to get the payment as soon as the month ended because that was never my main priority on tutoring them. I wish I could picture the fun I usually have with them, well I could try to give a glace.

One day that little bird simply asked, "Brother, when are you going to get married? "

I just replied, "Too late, but why?"

Her point was that" In your wedding, we would have so much fun, we would enjoy time with the newlywed bride and also we will get some vacation from studies too. Marry soon, please."

"I am still a little boy. Also after my wedding, my wife will come to teach you guys too. So no vacation, double study."

"You are taller than my uncle who got married last week. No problem, she will not be strict like you and we will gossip with her." I was taller than her uncle, that is why I should get married soon, haha.

They are very good at studying but don't want to write much. They will fight with me to reduce their written task, hahaha. Often that little bird offers me chocolate to free her from written tasks. I get tired of giving items one after another to memorize, they would complete them within a short time, that too pretty well. But refuses to write, hahaha. And I know the tricks to make them complete, that's their only and major complaint about me. I really love to spend time with them, during lockdown when everything was strictly confined I got some amazing time with them. Today, I felt like sharing and keeping this feeling on the chain. Have a good day.

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