An Eye For Love

Linda was a blind beautiful girl who lived alone after she lost her parents in a car accident. She had lost her sight on that fateful day too. She had no relatives and so she lived alone in her blind state.
She got a job in a general broadcasting station where her work was to answer customers on the phone, she was one of the favorite customer care personnel. She loved her job so much since it was the only thing she could do that feeds her and keep her busy.

But then every evening after work, she would go to her only friend's workplace. Her friend was an old man who was a gateman to an estate close to her apartment.

They would always watch movies together even though she wasn't able to see anything. She could tell the movement in the movies and the feelings, she loved to watch movies a lot.

One evening, she went to the old man's workplace as usual but she met someone else there. She was told the old man has retired. The new gate man was younger and a very quiet man called Drake.

Drake was amazed at the way she accepted to be with him in the room to watch movie not knowing she was blind. He later found out she was blind and he started to care for her so much.

He escorts her home every time she visits him, he helps her do some cleaning and brought food for her. She was always happy to hear him coming and she fell in love with him real quickly.

One day, Drake asked her about her blindness and she told him the whole story after some hesitation. Drake found out that he was the cause of the accident she was talking about.

It happened years back when Drake was a wrestler, he wanted to quit wrestling so he told his coach about his decision. His coach was having lots of issues with his family and when he found out about his only source of income quitting, he felt useless and set himself on fire and fell from a high building to take his life.

Although Drake tried to hold him up but could not. Linda was driving a car with her parents at the back seat when she saw the falling man with fire burning him. Linda was distracted that she didn't see a truck coming her way. That was how she lost her sight and her parents.

After he heard the story, Drake took it upon himself to help her get her sight back. He decided to go back to wrestling to get enough money for the surgery. Linda was against it at first but he was able to convince her so at least she could see his face to tell him if he was handsome and also see their kids.

Drake was able to get back into wrestling but he signed a contract of death wrestling, he was to win the fight or die. He had to borrow the money for Linda's surgery. Linda was in the surgery room when he traveled out for the fight. He had promised her that he would be back so he could be the first to see her when she finally gain her sight back but then he wasn't sure when he told her that.

Drake fought and won the fight, he was so excited that he was going to see his love finally so he took a late night flight back home. But on his way, some guys ganged up on him, stabbed him on his throat and took the medal and all the money he won from the fight.

Drake was almost dead when someone took him to a hospital. He was treated immediately but they found out his vocals were damaged so he wasn't able to make a sound anymore. Drake had to stay in the hospital until he got better.

Linda got her sight but could not find Drake anywhere so she began to go about her new found job which was writing motivational books and visiting the sick and older ones. Linda became well known all over the city as the girl with a golden heart. She was happy with what she was doing but sad inside that she haven't found her Drake.

Linda happened to go to the hospital where Drake was admitted to visit some of her sick friends, she massaged some of them and even massaged Drake too but didn't know He was the one she has been looking for since she had never seen Drake before because of her blindness.

Drake cried so hard when she left the hospital since he could not do anything about it. He became better and decided to take a walk around the hospital. He saw Linda in her bookshop and he entered the shop but couldn't say a word, he was just staring at her and smiling.

Linda noticed and smiled back at him thinking he was just being grateful for what she did for him at the hospital. Drake took a note and a pen to write something down and gave it to Linda.

Words could not express Linda's joy at that point, she was looking at the love of her life.

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