How to use opportunity monsters in splinterlands


Greetings my fellow splinterlands players!

The previous season has been ended just some a day ago. This season I was successful to lead all 3 accounts to diamond leaderboard and all of them got 20k dec each. The rewards from loot chests also pleased me well. The recent increase in dec prices has already made all of us happy I guess and my speculation says its wont see any big dip because of the sps drop where you can get sps daily by simply holding dec in wallet. In case you holding any splinterlands related assets in other blockchain wallets (wax, binance smart chain, Ethereum etc) and forgot to link with splinterlands game, I strongly recommend you to connect those in order to claim sps for those assets as well.

Now, let us take a U-turn and start with today's splinterlands curation challenge post. Today, I will rather talk about a special ability and how to use it in battles in order to take out the most of it. And today, I choose the opportunity ability.


Opportunity ability is undoubtedly a great ability and I personally think it's a better version of sneak ability that got introduced first with the promo edition dragon card FIENDISH HARPY. Later, more cards with this ability got launched in untamed, reward and dice edition. Screeching vulture, Parasitic Growth, Battering Ram, Serpentine Spy are some excellent examples of opportunity cards.


Monsters with opportunity ability attacks the enemy monster having the lowest health. This is the basic mechanism of opportunity ability and we have to form a strategy respecting the mana limit, available summoners and ruleset applied on that particular match.

For me, I love to use opportunity mainly with screeching vulture and serpentine spy. On one hand, Serpentine spy has an unbeatable speed which can kill opponent's exploding dwarf, cocatrice or other low heath cards easily with a negligible chance of missing. Si in melee friendly matches where speed is the factor, serpentine spy mostly act as a champion card.

On the other hand, screeching vulture does have two other solid abilities along with opportunity that makes it more powerful overall, these 2 abilities are scavenger and flying. Because of scavenger ability, each time a monster get killed on the battlefield, whether it's yours or the opponent's car, screeching vulture gains +1 health, and that's every time. So small mana in noxious fumes ruleset, they tends to live longer.

I often use multiple opportunity card together so that they can successfully take down a card together. I also prefer opportunity ability in blast ruleset matches, because it just kills down the middle 3 monsters with its opportunity attack if the opponent is using his lowest health monster in the middle position (3rd of 4th) pf his lineup.



A max screeching vulture can be yours for just 107.99$ as one is available right now in the market. The single bcx cards are starting from 0.63$. ALso there are several cards to be rented out at the rental page of splinterlands and the lowest max on rent is only 18.14 dec per day!

Ok, so now Let me now share one of my matches where I used the screeching vulture and snatched a win along with all the intel of the match.


Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 44

Splinter allowed: Earth

Ruleset : Unprotected (no shields) + Spreading Fury (all have enrage ability)

Only Earth summoner is allowed so you cant even choose your favorite neutral helper cards. In this situation, it is hard to guess to guess which my opponent will use. If he uses mylor summoner and I use most my cards in melee, then I am obviously gone. Its also better to use melee monsters when the ruleset is forbidding any kind of armor. If my opponent use the legendary prince rennyn then most probably I am gone :) But anyways, This time I chose a mix of melee range and magic, all the abilities in my line up as you can see in the battle.

Let me introduce you all to the monsters I have used in this battle and why, starting from first position.



I used a max level necter queen at front. This is a big man cap match so my opponent will obviously use high attacking cards. Necter queen's big health will keep it alive for a couple of rounds I hope hence I chose her. At 9 mana cost, this monster provides 5 melee attack at 4 speed and 12 health. It also have retaliate and flying ability.



I used a max level Orc Sergeant at the reach position. This card will lunch high powered melee attack from the reach position and will also help all the friendly melee monsters with it's inspire ability and will give +1 melee power to each.



Our main card of this post, screeching vulture has positioned his place in the third position. I used 3 melee cards here. The first 2 are focused to attack the first card of opponent and this will attack the card with lowest health, That card can be the first card as well already damaged by my other cards or any card in rear position. Also, the Orc Sergeant will provide +1 melee attack to it making it more powerful.



I chose this magic card with poison and Silence ability in the fourth place in my line up. This is mainly to weak my opponent's magic cards and the poison ability, if applied will reduce health of the applied enemy monster every round.



I chose this overpowered archer to give a strong blow to my opponent every round. I am using a max level and it is giving me 6 range power with snare and piercing ability. A total killing machine I call it for a reason. :)



My last card in line of this match is Kron. And this is my last life line as well if things take turns. T max level, it is providing me 3 magic power at 2 speed with 11 health which will get further pumped up in case it is the only monster alive on my side thanks to it's last stand ability.

Match result


In this match, apart from the screeching vulture, all of my monsters are set to attack the first card of opponent. The screeching vulture however, is free to choose his prey and this time it will chose opponent's magi of the forest as its the first card with the lowest 4 health.

In the match, in the first round, I killed the enemy Flesh Golem with 1 blow each from my Mitica and Necter queen. The vulture started attacking magi and in the second round I also got able to take out opponent's orc by my own one.

When my first 2 monsters got down, the vulture becomes the frontier and by then he also increased his health by a bit thanks to his scavenger ability. He helped me to take down the enemy Kron but got killed itself with enemy poison in meantime. Such a true hero :)

Ultimately, my last helpline Kron took the final defense into his hands when all others got dead and with his last stand ability, he easily took out the reaming 2 monsters, Mushroom seer and Mitica.

So, I hope you understand now the importance of opportunity ability and how to use it in battlefield. You can try your imagination and put your opportunity monsters in different strategies and situation and I am sure you ll get out with amazing results.

Thanks for visiting.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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