Dimitar Berbatov : The Bulgarian Legend

Father Ivan Berbatov was also a footballer, playing for the famous Bulgarian club CSKA Sophia. When his club was playing the L League Cup in his small town of Blagoveglad, Ivan did his best to meet his darling 9 year old son with the club's superstar, Hristo Stichkov. From then on, little Dimitar dreamt that one day he would wear the CSKA Sophia jersey like his father. That dream came true, but it turned into a nightmare.



8 years later, 17 year old Dimitar left his hometown club and moved to Sofia. With 26 goals in 49 games for Sophia, the stats ain't bad for an 18 year old, but Sofia fans blame Dimitar Berbatov for the club's poor performance. After his dream of playing for the club he had dreamt of playing for all his life, Dimitar was devastated when he saw that the fans of the club did not like him. At the age of 18, Dimitar Barbatov was kidnapped by gangster Georgie Ilyev, who asked Barbatov to play for his club FC Lewsky Kyustendil as a ransom. In the end, Berbatov did not play, and Iliyev left him, but 18 year old Dimitar was left with a scar. As a result, Barbatov fled the country. Destination-Germany.

In Bayer Leverkusen he became one of the most important players in the team, reaching the 2002 Champions League final. But here the fans could not understand the difference between their new star, Dimitar on the field and Dimitar off the field. Berbatov had to leave his country, after which Dimitar himself admitted that he felt he had been deported. Missing the country so much that at one point he brought home twenty Bulgarian TV channels. After 5 seasons in Germany, the big clubs of Europe came to notice. He scored 91 goals in 201 appearances for Leverkusen. Besides, he has made a name for himself with his extraordinary technical ability. Berbatov, 25, had finally joined English club Tottenham.

He spent only two seasons there, played 102 matches and scored 46 goals. After a great performance, he came to the notice of a Scottish person. Another English club Manchester United was then the champion of England, the champion of Europe.

Wayne Rooney was in the team, then Wayne was in the best form of his career. Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to be happily beating the defenders in step-overs, while Nemanja Vidic was clearing everything with his head for Rio Ferdinand. Carlos Tevez was doing the same as Carlos Tevez. Sir Alex always believed that you should buy someone when the team is at its peak, in the 2008-09 season for £30m he brought this Bulgarian from Spurs. Berbatov won two Premier League titles at Old Trafford, the second of which was the league's top scorer. He scored 5 goals in a match against Blackburn in November 2010. He scored 49 goals in 156 matches, but Berbatov was more than just a goal scorer. In fact, Barbatov must have thought about how many goals he scored, but more than that he thought about how many "beautiful goals" he scored or how many "beautiful passes" he made. He admits in an interview that he is happy if he can score a goal, but he is even happier when he can give a great pass, which no one else has seen.

Barbatov's career at a glance:-

605 matches for clubs, with 78 caps for Bulgaria. Scoring 291 goals and 101 assists along the way. In doing so, the guy became Bulgaria's top goal scorer sitting at 48.

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