Minting an art in NFTShowroom - Serene Beauty of Sundarban.


Inspiration: After I joined the hive, I discovered NFT art, which was completely new to me. It has both pros and cons. I was a little perplexed by the NFT arts at first. However, there are certain people in the BD Community who have a wealth of expertise and understanding of the arts. They have truly been an inspiration to me in every aspect. A good teacher is always the finest critic you'll find, and they'll always try to bring out the best in you no matter how difficult the situation. I'm eternally grateful for the unwavering support I've had since the beginning of my time at Hive. And, certainly, I am unable to repay them in any way, but I have the utmost respect for them. For the time being, I'm taking advantage of any and all opportunities that come my way. NFT art is one of the opportunities available.

Art Type : Acrylic painting.

Tips -

  • Decide your painting base and visualize, as usual
  • Practice different types of strokes for finding which suits your visualization
  • Fast stroke practice is needed for rash paintings
  • For specific art you would need specific pattern of strokes, so study on it
  • Have good understanding of color value, hues and varied combination of color smudges
  • Variety of hues provide a chaotic atmosphere
  • Tone and mood of the setting is precisely important to choose the color for use
  • In this painting tinting plays a major role
  • Practice to tint different hues to get the perfect combination you are looking for
  • Shadow plays a major role

You can find the art here- NFTShowroom

Thank You

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