Artistic connection: Pave the way for yourself

Abstract play with acrylic

What can be more interesting to an artist than exploring the diverse ways art can be portrayed? There was a time when art was limited, had many boundaries but as of today, it has dispersed into so many kinds, types, and nature.

In my posts, I have always tried to stick with giving an output so that eager artists can benefit from it. So is my aim today too. I intend to share my connection to art; how I am here today.

There isn't much, but I'm sure many people can relate, which is my primary goal. There are a few topics in our lives that we all have a strong attachment to. It was art for me. As far as I can tell, my desire to create art has been with me for a very long time. It was prominent during my adolescence. It was like a call to celebration in my family.


When you develop an interest in a particular field, you should first devote time to it. That is because your interest will wane if you leave it alone and return to it only occasionally. Dive into it, return to it frequently, and experiment with all of its mediums. I would advise any beginner to stay focused on the type of art that interests them and is available to them. Yes, some of us lack the necessary materials, and yet we yearn to learn them. That happens, but first, try to make the most of what you have. When you specify your field, it will all come back to you. Moving to our next part.


Availability may not be entirely related to the field of interest, but as you work, you become more aware of it. Watercolors were my starting point. Even now, I have a stronger preference for it than for any other medium.


When you concentrate on a medium, you become acquainted with it. You form a bond with it and become connected to it. When you try to make the connection, you keep practicing until you succeed. After a week or so of consistent practice, you will be well-versed in the fundamentals. Now comes the fun part: continuing to furnish and practice while learning more about brushes, colors, shadows, bases, and so much more. Once you begin collecting information, you begin applying it, and through repetition, you learn your way through it. Once you have a good understanding of one medium, you can move on to others based on your level of interest.

Time, interest, availability, and practice

As time passed, I developed an interest in a variety of other fields, including acrylic, sketching, and, most recently, portrait sketching and photoshop. It's fascinating to see how we shift from one base to another, but I'm proud to say that my interest and flow in watercolor, is very close to me. The satisfaction I derive from doing so did not stop me from branching out into other mediums. I still come back to it now and then.

It would have been difficult for me to transition from one medium to another without the proper materials. I started with one at first, but you can see where I am now. You might be surprised to learn that I still consider myself a newbie but, the satisfaction I seek is still miles away.

As long as you have interest and you keep up the practice no one can stop you from reaching what you are yearning for. Time will bring you closer to your goal.

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