Establishing Compatibility: A Case For Self-Improvement


Human relationship is arguably one of the most controversial and highly debated issues in the world right now. I think this is probably because of man's intrinsic need for companionship. However, in a bid to establish companionship there is always the need to forestall attraction, (not just sexual) compatibility, acceptance, and understanding.

This is where the issue comes in. It's always difficult to establish these things especially when there are so many people who are unwilling to develop themselves to match these qualities which make companionship very easy.

Self-improvement and development are very important in life, this is because it makes it possible for one to make themselves readily available for some of the opportunities that come with life and its advancement. For example, learning communicative skills is self-improvement, this is because it helps one to improve themselves when it comes to building interactivity.

I think that self-improvement is a way through which people can foster compatibility. The world is becoming demanding, back in the days, some people are comfortable with just having degrees and no skills, some were comfortable with having only the looks to Open doors for them.

Nowadays, life has become so demanding, that things like surface attraction are not always enough to build compatibility. I was talking with a friend @joetunex recently and we began to talk about love and compatibility, then we began to talk about how it's difficult to find people who have taken time to work on themselves.

There are so many aspects of life in which we should strive to meet some certain expectancy, without meeting these expectancies, it'll be difficult to maintain certain standards in life.

When I was younger, I was taught never to let the illusion of standards make me lose the right people in life

Now since we should let the concept of standard determine the aspects of compatibility in life, it's Important to subconsciously and consciously understand that, some standards in life are necessary and Important to improve the people we are and the people we'd eventually become. Now, one of the reasons why I think standards can be harsh is because they can be overrated and aggrandizing.

There's this belief that people should accept themselves for what they are and others too should. Now this belief is backward and condescending. We have to understand the fact that there are so many things about our lives that we cannot change, I believe these are the things which we should strive hard to accept and get others to accept too.


Change Within & Without

However, there are things that we need to constantly change about ourselves, especially if these "things" don't foster, growth, improvement, value, or compatibility. We should know that life isn't static and sometimes we shouldn't wait for the world to bend over to work in favor of our negative excesses. Everyone has negative excesses, counter-intuitive indulgences, and unproductive habits.

One of the reasons why so many people in life don't seem to give in to these default animalistic state is because they've taken time to work on themselves. For example, everyone secretly wants to work "less" but earn "more", But, this could be double-edged. It could either make people, creative, innovative, or resilient, or it could just make them look for the easiest ways to become rich.

Generally, we as humans, are attracted to suggestible, things that could easily sway our attention, but working harder to see the bigger picture is part of self-improvement.


In this life, no one can't attain 100% compatibility with others and this is because of natural and unnatural circumstances working against us in life. However, understand where we cannot change and where we can.

This means that we can build an attainable and understandable standard to establish a relationship with people in every aspect of life. Now establishing compatibility isn't just for the sake of companionship. The truth is, the fact that we cannot reach 100% compatibility is why we need ourselves in life. Humans need each other to establish validity and complement themselves rightly. We need relationships where we can reckon with our frailties but allow our strength to quell these Inadequacies.

This is why commitments and bonds need to be symbiotic to grow people collectively. Work on that which you can, and allow others who can complement you a space to be in your life.

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