Last Bell of Montezuma - History of a civilization.

A look at the possible.


The legends tell that a long time ago there was a civilization that looked at the skies with fear, with doubts and at the same time with admiration.The hostility of the dark and silent universe frightened them, that's why it took them so long to realize that their home was not He was limited to his first planet, luckily there was a fear that won all the others, that of this alone in the universe.

Tired of raising their heads and listening to nothing but silence, these beings decided to undertake the greatest adventure in the history of the cosmos; Its history began with great difficulties, the elders always tell us how it took them thousands of years to leave their own planetary system and several million years to colonize the mother galaxy, but everything seemed in vain.


Wherever they went they found nothing but desolation and infinite darkness, they found with luck we stopped deserts, frozen steppes, burning hells, little by little the worst of fears was confirmed more with each interstellar expedition, that the universe was a barren place, without a trace of companions nowhere, on some occasion they found simple life something very positive at first, but that with time it became bad news because they were made aware that life was relatively common in the cosmos but given its own nature in all cases were rapidly collapsing in on themselves, before any intelligent civilization could prosper and find themselves.


Ruins found in the most remote corners of the universe confirmed this harsh reality, it was then that they realized that they were the only survivors of a cruel game of chance on a cosmic scale and made the decision that it had indirectly entrusted to them, on behalf of the Life decided to undertake the greatest of journeys, transforming any planet in the hostile universe into a sanctuary for all kinds of living beings, which little by little were thriving and evolving to such an extent that the universe became a flourishing place of life.

Although at that time there was nothing left of the ancient primeval civilization apart from their legacy: us.

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