A letter to the past/ kudos to the past.


The Throwback/Appreciations

I am writing you from the future just to show my profound gratitude on the effort you have put in to make me who i am now, All wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't done all what you did to out me in place. I am writing to testify that your hard work in the past has resulted in making me a wonderful person and also a better personality trying with in my possible power to become a best of what i intend to be or achieve..
I could remember the struggles back then, when you use to put in more effort in the betterment of the future. It has never been easy right from when you started college Knowing fully well, what college look like in Nigeria. passing through that alone is enough reason for one to give up the struggles in life but instead of giving up you persisted in making sure you do your best amidst all the trial and difficulties. Hmmmmmmmm I have to take this deep breath because looking behind to see all these stress is giving me a cause to ensure that I make you proud in every aspect of life that's both academically, morally, mentally, and even in the financial aspect.

Not even considering the effect and catastrophe that the society causes on the children, a research gave it that 89% of the things children learn, comes from the society while school teaches only 11% you never concur to the negative aspect of the societal effect which is the reason why I am where I am now.

A little about my present

Iyimoga, let me tell you a bit of what I have achieved so far. So you will be informed how far I have gone in life. I am now a confirmed graduate with Bsc in Economics i graduated from a well known University in the country looking at the financial situation in the country I saw the need to study Economics and with all effort put together I am able to achieve that goal. Not only done with my undergraduate I also answered the Clarion call where I served (NYSC) my country with the whole of my heart and I am also done with that also and all thanks to you my old self.


I want to move on with my academics as I will want to go for my master degree and also proceed with my PhD all in economics as I am aiming at handling the financial situation in my country that's making the economy of my country a better one and I believe with time that I will get there. Cheers to my old self

All thanks to my good friend @dwixer who invited me for this contest and also a big thanks to @bdcommunity/2tzctu-contest-150-hive-in-prizes-a-letter-to-the-futurefor creating such a wonderful contest.

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