Too many life questions!

A friend of mine had an issue that got her panicking and while she narrated her ordeal to us her friends, one of us made a striking comment, he said: "whatever was meant to be, would always be regardless of what we try doing or did."

These things happen regardless of what we try to avoid even when we tell ourselves that we are being careful to avoid them.

So many times in life many incidents or occurrences have happened in our lives that we least expected and in unexplainable ways. Even when we have tried within ourselves to avoid those occurrences or tried to tread carefully to avoid that incident or accident we always will still end up facing those situations.

We've gone to the extent of praying and fasting to avoid them but they still end up happening in one way or the other. This occurrence most times leaves us speechless and drained because we were so sure that we have covered up the lapses and loopholes that would make such things happen but yet still, they still happen.

These things happen that we most times do not understand what is happening around us, I've got questions in my mind like

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- Do you think we are to be blamed for everything?
- Do you think fate and destiny are to be blamed for everything?
- Do you think our destiny is in our hands to direct according to our willpower and predictions have no power over us?
- Do you think we are powerless to control our destiny no matter how we try, what must be, must be?

Who are we actually to blame for these things? Are we to be blamed, or perhaps fate and destiny, are our destiny in our hands to direct at willpower and according to predictions, or are we powerless to these things and things just happen according to how it has been planned like the "what must be, must be" according to my friends?

I would say these more trivia questions here because we hear people talk about a gypsy, a place where we go to see meet someone who tells us about our future and the things to happen and would happen, we also know that most times, the incident that happens to us are as a result of our doings, so to say we most times are given the will to direct our life according to our will and predictions while other times, whether we have the willpower direct it or not is in our hands, whatever is and was meant to happen will still happen no matter what.

I don't know if someone understands what I am trying to analyze and how these things break into our lives even when we least expected, while other times it happens because we directed them to happen.

These are too many life questions that I would be leaving with us to deliberate on and I would love us to leave our answers and thoughts in the comments box.

Give your thoughts on these life questions. Thank you for reading through and dropping your thoughts on these questions. I hope to sit back and read your thoughts.


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