Covid-19: when will this inexplicable puzzle stop?

The world woke up early this year to the news of a strange viral disease that has befallen some regions of China. No one, not even a single country, was prepared to counter the disease because it is a novel disease, and no vaccine is found to be effective against it.

Rather than taking measures to force China to isolate the whole people of Wuhan in order to prevent the disease from spreading to the whole world, America and Europe engaged in their usual opposing behaviours against the Chinese, making jest of it being a Chinese virus. And while still in the habit of their abracadabra, the virus spread to the whole world, and began to kill people in their thousands.


Today, the almighty America became the worst hit by the virus with over 130,000 deaths! What a twist of fate! And the Chinese death hasn't even crossed 10,000!

Although the African mortality rate is nothing to compare to other regions of the world where the pandemic appear to be very severe, but Africa has started witnessing daily death as a result of the pandemic. And the worst of it all is the fact that disease doesn't seem to abate!

With no effective vaccine against the virus in sight, I am tempted to ask this question: when will this inexplicable puzzle stop?

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Eurogee Chukwuka