Letter to my past: Hello old me

I have grown now. Maybe not so much but a better version of who I was few months or years ago. Seated with an ink-filled pen ,a note and a diary I write to the old me.

Hello old me
Exactly ten years ago, you were in your final year in high school. The grin that spread broad on your chin expressed your inner joy to finally be a graduate and further into a college. Just like every young guy, you had dreamt of becoming a great person and achieving a lot. This burning passion to go into the society was demonstrated as you tore your wears and threw them into the air to portray that better days awaited you. You awoke the morning after your graduation and realised things had not changed, they doesn't change and wouldn't change until you take the bull by the horn and take action. That you were the author to your future.

After that day, I had constantly pushed hard and kept my head low as I worked day and night ,reading books and developing myself emotionally and mentally.


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Today, I am a graduate in Health information Management. It may not be what I had desired to study ten years ago, but I had accepted what I am now and I am happy with it. Today I own plots of lands and an ongoing building project . I had given in support of the needy on several occasions and I had build group of Friends who are also doing great in life.

This seems trivial compare to your dreams ten years ago, but the difference is: there's a feasible progress compare to those wishes that held no water.

Old me,I had thought about you and had forgiven myself of those mistakes I made. I was young and lacking in wisdom as I took actions without thinking twice. Now I feel free, no more regrets. I have forgotten what lied behind and is aiming at what lies ahead.

Finally, I want to tell you of my physical changes, I'm 27 now, this means I have visible anatomical and physiological changes. I have grown beards and packs of muscle, some feets taller than I was. I was known to be that short and small guy whom everyone bullied and intimidated. It would be impossible now for anyone to bully or intimidate me , I have grown in height, increased in muscle and probably stronger than I was ten years ago. That's a lot of changes. We had a reunion last year and my past classmate were surprised to how much I have grown and they laughed as they recalled how smallish I was back then in high school but unlike before , no one dare intimidated me.

I will end my letter by saying, I am still on progress and I wouldn't fail to make you proud. Dear old me.

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