Letter To My Future

I was invited by @burlarj to participate in this contest by bdcommunity and here is my entry in acceptance to his invitation.

Dear Future

I am 27 , a pretty age to have achieved a lot already but I have not. I am writing you this letter on this date 07-01-2021, to tell you who and what I hope to become in 10 years from today. Last year, I had lot of resolution and goals perfectly planned , which I hoped to achieve. I am not so sure if I would have achieved them or not but the year was tough with the pandemic that broke out and the lockdown that was enforced. I had imagined the lockdown was just for a while before I continue with working out my goals but it lasted for the whole year. Though the lockdown was terrible, I was still able to acquire myself some skills and improve myself while building relationships.

This skills that I acquired could also be of importance to the future, that is because, the rate of employment is low, poverty is increasing, the economy of the country is unstable and there are lot of labour force out there. Self reliance is of utmost importance in this country where I grew up, so I ought to learn to survive until I become who I want to become in the future. Just for You (my future) to know, I have acquired skill in computer, in photographing and in making aluminum windows. This might not offer me all the opportunities that I want for you my future but it could help me stand out in the society I belong.


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Now I know your heart beats fast to know what I have set for you my future. The future is always bright and that's the assurance I have, as long as there is life, there's hope. The future begins now. If 10 Years was the best time to start planning for you my future, today is the second best time and I'm starting tonight to tell you of the goals that I run after like a fighter who doesn't beat the air but fight aiming at a goal.

Today, I'm a graduate with knowledge on health information Management. I hope to be employed before the end of 2021 working with my higher national diploma. By 2022, I shall be mobilize for NYSC(national youth service corp) to serve my country as a corper, during this service, I will give much time to hive and build myself a good reputation as well as hive power. The service is less demanding thereby giving me this opportunity.
After this year 2022, I will be married and establish a business to help me pull out from this rat race as the author in "My rich dad and poor dad" said in his book. Personally development never ceases, so all through this period , I will work both in my financial, mental and emotional maturity.
Dear Future, I will be a great man, who will build businesses to help reduce unemployment and marry the most beautiful and virtuous woman I love and probably have two kids(a boy and a girl). I will include teaching my kids about cryptocurrency early in life because the digital world is taking over. My home will have technical wizards. Finally, by God's grace, in 10 Years time, I will start working on building the child foundation.

I invite @iyimoga @faith65 @starstring01 @agmoore to join the contest. Here is the contest link Bdcommunity contest

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