Last Bell of Montezuma: The last day

We were raised as military in our small courtyard,a bungalow fenced and secured with wires. People felt our dad should have done better as a military man but none of us liked this nature. Who would like been woken by a big metal bells hanged next to the other that reminds us the day has break and chores awaits us. "Don't allow me ring the last bell" he will instruct, pointing his walking stick to any among us who almost fall victim. He had called this place "Montezuma" because it reminded him of sweet childhood memories where he grew with evergreen plants surrounding the vicinity.


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We grew up familiar with the rules at Montezuma, and our body accustomed to the timing of the huge bells hanged on trees branches. At age 10, we woke earlier before the first bell is ring and it continued this way. For a time our dad had stopped beating this bells, but something must have pricked him this faithful day. It was a cold morning, and was all awake except our elders sister when we heard our dad beat the bell. "What had reminded him of this bell today"? We asked laughing as we made our way to the yard,to begin with the days activities. He almost stopped this beat as he proceeded to beat the third bell but realised someone was missing among us. Esther , the eldest among us. He wait to check if she had made her way out but no sign of her as he proceeded to beat the fourth bell and then the fifth. We knew what it meant for our dad to beat the last sixth bell and our sister still inside. We could see the countenance of our smiled dad parting into frowning, the veins on his hands could be seen protruding from his skin and his skin hair making single strain as he beat the last bell.

He rushed into our room hoping to give Esther a beat of her life but there she was lying lifeless. He shook her several times, pressing her chest at interval hoping to fill her empty lungs with air, but it was too late. The only time he had rang the last bell was the time he had lost a beloved. That became a day he last ranged the bell, the pain and regret became his hunt.

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