The Dream of the Blessing Sunlight!


The Dream of the Blessing Sunlight!

Down to the forest floor
seedlings struggle to grow.
here gloom is not eternal;
Life is worth flourishing
and it surely makes the way.
Like the mighty blaze of sunlight
that brings life to the forest.

For a baby plant;
there is so much competition;
and therefore getting a good start
is a must!
Like the seeds of hardwoods
who are in a hurry to germinate.
Like the fabled tortoise;
their strategy is slow and steady.
The great survival instinct.

In the life race of top sport
hundreds will start;
yet few will never reach the end line.
Their growth cut short by
something like the diminishing light!
The ultimate winners are the
slow and steady ones.
And this is the ultimate
law of the forest;
and of nature and life.

When fire sized upon the grasslands;
destroying valuable foods and with it, the old and the weak ones.
May life seem the same!
it is true indeed!
And it meant to happen;
from the ashes, the phoenix must rise.
Grass the incredible survivors;
so we humans are.
nobody can repair and
reproduce itself so rapidly;
adapt itself to the utmost hard conditions.

Just like the grass
and the forest seedlings;
we do face hard times.
Life gives us hard nuts,
but believe in it;
there's still hope;
Great hopes come from
greater perspectives.
Let's paddle the life canoe
slow and steady;
stand firmly to the ground
if needed;
and only that might make
the dream of the blessing sunlight
come true!


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