[A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush]



Hello friends!
Today I've come before you with a new topic. For this episode I took an English proverb. It gives me some important notion which I think is worth sharing with you.

So, without any delay I want to welcome you for a thought travel with me. Let's start our journey then.

Proverbs have been and I think always will be a part of our lives. We all are somehow sorrounded with various proverbs, and our elders used to teach us those in many situations. They are indeed an integral part of our lives and they influenced us even today.

The proverb I want to bring to your focus today is "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." I am not going to explain it simply. Rather, I want to share what are my thoughts and feelings towards it.

Some of us always have many complaints about our life. Sometimes, we fail to realise that there are people who do not get even basics that they need to survive. They don't get enough food to eat; money or privilege to lead even a simple life.

Many people feel one thing is better than other. They always think grass is always greener on the other side of the fance. But unfortunatly, they never think they can be totally wrong as well.

It happens when these sort of people realise that Something is better than Nothing. And then, only then they will stop comparing and complaining about what they have and they may find peace and happiness. Otherwise it is impossible.

We should also keep in mind that when we start comparing what we have with others, we cannot lead a happy life. It is as true as the light and darkness that everyone is living their own life.

And most importantly we should keep in mind thrun each day is different; so is everyone’s life. We get the best we deserve and we should be happy about it. Never complain about our situations ratger we shoud work hard with honesty to improve the condition in a positive way.

I have seen my students and what I've been trying to figure out is astonishing. Many of my students compare themselves with others in a negative way. Which is not welcoming at all. They need to have faith upon them at the first place. They need to understand that they also have their own skills and talents, which is not marely bullshits at all. If they try to imitate others they might fail to exhibit their own skills. And that is what concerns me a lot.

However, the proverb means that it is better to focus on things we already have, rather than rushing after things we don’t have. It teaches us not to blindly run after success. Taking simple and easy steps super important else we may end up losing more than what we wanted to gain even what we have still at our own grab. One should be careful in every areas of life.

Moreover it will be better for all of us to be content with what we have right now and what fruit we can brought out of it. Everyone of us know that all glittering things may not be gold or precious.

Sometimes the glitter is so bright that it cold foolded our eyes and could make us blind about our present situation and advantages. I think it must be wise for all of us to be careful about the fact and take action accordingly.

Friends, I'm stooping here. I hope my feelings and words make you think anout this important fact. And I pray for all of you to beware of it and give it a positive position to think of before taking important decissions.

Best wishes folks!

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