Red alert

Due to the level of insecurity in the Nation most especially north and the north-east, a lot has happened and more are still happening, the army base has been receiving threat messages from the terrorist group known as the bandit for weeks now, thanks to the military personal they are not just active they are pro-active in their jobs, Because of the recent attack in Abuja kuje prison, and their next target is gusau zamfara state, the whole base has been on red notice for weeks, but just yesterday it is seen that the threat has been magnifier, so we are no longer on red notice, we are on Red alert. The nation has suffered from a series of insecurity that has caused lockdown, curfew, and the present red alert.



  • Lockdown was caused by the covid-19 pandemic that took the world by surprise. Where everyone thinks it is the end of the world. many countries acted differently on this issue, and a series of the method are used to tackle it, flights were cancelled, markets are shut down and social centers are cancelled and they are no more mass gatherings, the country was on total lockdown for months, due to the lockdown even to feed was a problem, even with your money they are no market to buy food, times were hard but as humans, we always survive. you can read more here



  • Months after the lockdown was lifted, the peaceful protest begins “the end sars” the end sars started as a movement to give freedom to the people, end police brutality, and amend bad governance in the nation, what started peacefully later turn into a massacre, I guess people are looking for an avenue to cause more damage to the country just in the case of Oct 20, 2020, lekki toll gate. This resulted in a curfew, which was placed that one can only move for a specific period, where I was at that time it was from 7 am - 7 pm, this restricts the movement of people and a lot of people lost their jobs, and business that operates at night are all short down. you can read more here

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Red alert

  • Due to the recent Abuja kuje prison break, by the bandit Abuja, Kaduna, and zamfara where I reside currently are on red notice, threat messages are sent by the bandits, that they are coming to invade zamfara, but the military personnel is on guard to ensure that it wouldn’t happen from the red notice we are now on red alert which the Americans army called code red, school in zamfara are shut down. The difference between this and the lockdown is that you can move and do whatever you want, but you are constantly watching over your shoulder, and in lockdown, you are secure at home but you will stave off hunger, to me red alert is more dangerous you are free to do whatever you want but at your own risk, you can be walking but at the back of our mind someone is trying to kill you, the worse thing about this is that you can’t differentiate the bad guys from the good guys, just like 13 hours in Benghazi, the only way you can differentiate the bad guys from the good guys is when they’re shooting at you, the rate of insecurity is alarming in this nation and very critical in the north most especially the north-east.


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