Our interest is never their problem


the interest of the government

It is no news, that the academic staff union of the university and the federal government of Nigeria has decided and concluded that the student affair is not in their best interest, for the past four months they have been in a number of meetings to the rectifier and come to terms, but I think that the government are more concerned about their forthcoming election, student of the federal and state university of Nigeria, has been at home for the period of four-month, and each time they have a meeting with the federal government the outcome is the same, and recently federal poly-technic has joined in the strike, frankly speaking, I don’t really know what wrong with this system and the government, they have money to spend, but education same not to be a priority to them.

the journey

Due to the strike I travel from delta where I school, to kuje in Abuja to see my family since it has been a long we see each other, my stay in Abuja was awesome, there I get to meet @tykee, @francisx and the rest, people that work, guys that were consistent, persistent and in diligent in their work, creating a pattern, great ideas, and divine market strategy to their business, I must confess that I learnt a lot from them, cause where I do stay at delta, the ideology there is completely different from what I see while I am in Abuja, I guess every atmosphere has its own belief system, and it was in Abuja that I become fully active on hive, I was very happy when I saw they guys, and the plans they have on ground, they are very young but I think that their ideas are pretty awesome, I was called upon by my immediate elder brother to gusau zamfara, where I am currently staying, the journey was a bit massed up, but I arrived safe and sound.

the fun in gusau

I am currently in an army base in gusau in zamfara state, this place is one of the most boring places I have seen in recent time, but the thing that keeps me going was I do play basketball every day from 4:30 pm-6:30 pm, basketball seems to be a prime mover for me, it keeps me from thinking of this that doesn’t matter.

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