New and Updated Guidelines for BDVoter


We, at BDVoter, have always rewarded contents that promote both Bengali culture while at the same time, a diverse plethora of contents all over the ecosystem.

Does the BDV Curate ONLY within the BDCommunity?

Although we start our day curating content from the BDCommunity, we do not stay there for the rest of the day as we venture over to as many communities as humanly possible in search of content that deserves rewarding.

Why do the BDV need guidelines?

Our curators are human, and finding out the quality posts midst a large amount of low-quality posts that are abusing our reward pool is very time-consuming. We want to let authors have a clear idea of the content we curate to reduce lower quality posts and make the job of finding materials worthy of getting rewarded.

Recently, we have seen an influx of new users and prominent veteran users who have started abusing our goodwill. So we have decided to update our guidelines about what posts we curate and what we do not.

We have always curated and will continue to curate only original content, with a strong stance against any form of content abuse, spamming, and plagiarism. We highly discourage spamming and abuse.

What the content creators have to focus on if they want to get curated?

BDV promotes content that one can call TextBook blogs. Fun, entertaining, and adds value at the same time. These blogs can be about anything. From travel stories to fiction to philosophical gibber-jabber! ANYTHING

While curating, what we look for is quality, with a bit of character and originality in terms of style. Remember, your blog represents you.

For example, if you are writing about your visit to the beach or a beautiful mystic forest, it would be great content. If you decide to post a couple of photos, write a couple of words and call it a travel post, that is NOT OK.Let us see that beautiful mystic forest through your eyes, not your camera.

We curate photography. However, you might want to write about what those images do not show. We are looking to curate your thought process rather than your pictures. Show us that you've put in enough effort. We tend to understand how much effort went into writing a post.

An extremely short post, whatever the content may be, short story, poetry, etc. tends to give us a textbook vibe of not enough effort. No, we do not have a word limit. We will let your conscience judge what you present on your blog.

We highly discourage spamming. In hopes of getting upvoted, if you decide to post multiple times throughout the day, you might not get the result that you seek. We tend to try and distribute rewards between authors based on their effort and the value of their content.

However, if you spam low-quality content, you are unlikely to get the support. Whichever community you are maybe posting in, you will be muted indefinitely by the respective moderators.

And, that is it. DO NOT SPAM AND DO NOT WRITE EFFORTLESS LOW-QUALITY POSTS. At the end of the day, WE reserve the right to decide what low-effort is, and we think we have a good sense of judgment.

We want to reward good quality content. Please give us a reason to reward you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here or head over to our discord. We usually have someone to answer your questions during our work hours.


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