The Weekly Turni- Issue 42

১৬ই জ্যৈষ্ঠ ১৪২৮

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖂𝖊𝖊𝖐𝖑𝖞 𝕿𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖎


Lately, there has been an issue related to vote begging in our community. For those who do not know what that is, it is asking people or curators for an upvote. It is critical that we discuss and understand the etiquette that is associated with this. It is crucial for hive that we, as hive users, do not yield to vote begging. Because this is a slippery slope into the oblivion that we do not wish to travel. Let me explain this a little bit more from a sensitive perspective. Many of our community members are struggling is money at the moment. Many have lost their job; also, some of their family members lost their jobs. Therefore, it is only natural to seek a secondary income from an online platform like hive, where people's contents are directly rewarded as an actual direct payment. However, it is critical to note that it is not the correct way:

  1. Getting rewarded for your content is an option. It is neither entitlement nor guarantee
  2. Not everyone is a content creator. Only a few people are. Just like not everyone is a singer, not everyone is an artist, not everyone is a thief .... similarly, not everyone is a blogger
  3. That said, blogging, writing, short video making in the form of vlogging, and other various means of content creation can be learned and frequently learned
  4. Learning a new skill is personal development (I am borrowing the concept from one of our own community members), and development takes time and effort
  5. With time and effort, rewards can be found, not in the form of vote or money, but in the form of confidence
  6. Once you have confidence, and learned a new skill, mastered a new language (English would be excellent!), that confidence can take you a long way in real life
  7. Money will automatically follow (if that is what you are after)

So, it is not simple to just join a platform and start generating crap and getting rewarded for it. You begin the power-down, stay on power-down, sell your hive for cash to the traders...declare victory. No, it is not that easy. For a short time, maybe, but not forever. Also, most important, we will be watching!

Then you come and say, oh! that other guy is doing it, why not me? Wrong question. Why? Because many 'other guys' who steal stuff commit many crimes, do you follow them? Do you want your loved ones to follow them? If that answer is yes, well, I feel sorry for you. But most likely, that answer is no. Then, in that case, please don't make that argument. We don't like to point to others, we don't like to ban people, but at the same time, please don't try and lie on our face, because we don't like that, and we will take action to protect our community.

Please, if you decide to take the challenging route, many of our community members will personally help you. I promise that. However, if you take the easy path, you will find yourself on the fringes very quickly, and it is pretty lonely out there.



Last holiday I was at my village home for several days. There is a playground close to my house where I spent my childhood and adolescence playing football, cricket, and various other games. Like always, that afternoon, I went to the playground with those memories. But the scene I saw when I reached it is really pessimistic. It's a vast playground, but no one is playing there. Yet many 3-4 young boys were sitting in groups in different corners of the field. They were jabbering, and everyone was brisk with their mobile phones. It was heartbreaking to see this phenomenon.

I thought that we had to validate our dexterities to play on this field in our time. Usually, the senior brothers in the locality would play on this field, considering the seniority. We were eagerly waiting for our turn, and we only got the vacancy for a short time during their break. And now that playground is almost empty, there is no one to play sports here.

Now let's come to the main point. So what will these young boys and girls do in their spare time? As I said above, teenagers and, in many cases, grown-ups have confined their lives and become addicted to mobile phones. The evolution of information technology is a great invention of modern civilization, so too much use is really destructive for teenagers. In one way, there is so much to learn and gain from the Internet; on the other hand, there is no shortage of materials to stumble. The problem is that these teenage boys and girls often don't understand the difference, and that's why they go astray.

So, should there be a prohibition on the use of technology for this new and emerging generation? It would not be right to do that, and in fact, it is not apparent because everything from education to Communication is now technology dependent. But what needs to be done is for parents to counsel their children not to use this unless otherwise it is really required. Besides this, it's the parent's responsibility to make them busy in various creative activities as much as possible. It could be learning music, drawing, playing cricket or football. By doing this, they will be developed both physically and mentally, and our playgrounds will be full of smiling faces. This is what we all want.

Canvas of life

Social media is one kind of canvas that reflects the arts of our life designed by us. We are posting our own life memories, stories, and so on to express ourselves in front of others. Those memories give others a view of our life. Our stories keep them updated about us, our happy or sad status also let them know about our ongoing situations. Everything we are putting there is being watched by the others as an exhibition of our drawings.

Some are seen to give depressed statuses on and on, which gives us a picture of a depressed soul. On the other hand, some are seen sharing meems one after another that's also offering a view of the state of his mind. Like whatever I am writing on the hive, the people who read my writings can easily understand my thoughts and my mind. How I judge or think on a particular topic, I talked about. Even I shared so many memories of my life through writing that can be imagined by reading those writings and have a picture of my life. The same goes for the others. Our profile on every platform reflects us. That's why I have compared them with a canvas. We are those artists who make these arts as we desire to do. It's on us what we are going to draw, how much reality we are going to put here, how much from our life will be changed to put some eye-catching points. Whatever it is, we should always bear in mind that the outcome does reflect us.

আই কিরতাম

The title looks quite ambiguous. Neither I'm confused, nor I'm going to confuse anyone else. The only interpretation is that I have a series of questions. You can choose to answer them or not, which solely depends on you. Don't be alarmed because it isn't going to reflect on me, you, or anyone else. The questions aren't going to be asked. It's pretty cryptic.

I don't know what the reasons are you're here for or where do you see yourself shortly; I can undoubtedly tell you mine. Although my destination is still unclear, I don't just want to remain a passive voice, a newfound realization. I can tell you that I'm here for the long haul. This realization had occurred to me shortly after joining hive. As you may think that BDC has a significant role in it; yes, they have, but even before that, I have communicated with people who had helped me during the start of my journey. And as many people as I have talked to, they all share something ubiquitous - Communication is helpful. We communicate with friends and relatives in various social media networks, so why not here as well! I can't tell you why it matters here, but hey, what's the harm in knowing a few extra people; None. What I got from them is inspiration and motivation that have helped me carry on, and even today, I talk to them. Wondering why I said that? Visit a few profiles that have been here for almost a year, and you'll see that many of their earlier posts have got them only 1 cent or less. They were here then, and they are here now, and earning is not the only motivator.

My motive, initially, was solely monetary, and I'm a little torn to declare that in those days, all I considered this platform was just as a source of pocket money. I have had no experience writing in the past, and I'm still a work in progress. They say there's no harm being here driven by money; obviously, they're not wrong, but it is terrible if it's the only goal. You may disagree with me but just hear me out anyway. If you're here to Earn, then that falls under the theory that you're working here. Subsequently, it implies that you're hired, what you're posting is what you're working for, and you're getting paid for it. If you're thinking it that way, then the quality of your work becomes a subject of evaluation, doesn't it?

Even though money was a motivation before (it's still somewhat), there's a bigger goal; like our, Dada says, Financial Freedom. So treating it like pocket money or work or quick extra bucks isn't the right way to do it. Some treat this portal as a diary or journal. Some treat it as a portal to share their experience; regardless, there are many uses. I'm far from advising you how you do it. Advice and solutions are something that I avoid giving, mainly because no two people are the same, and what I have learned from my experience may not have the same outcome as you.

When I asked you about your future aspirations, I merely sought answers to what you see yourself as. You can think that you're investing here; yes, you're investing your efforts here, and efforts never go unrewarded. Now, that is a very misleading statement. As I see it, there are categories such as Best, Good, So-so, Zero, Bad and Horrible and which variety one puts him/herself is what others will see. To simplify it, others will know what you show.

There's also another category that is Constant Improvement


(যথাযথ অনুবাদ করিনি... কিছুটা সহজ করে বোঝানোর চেষ্টা)

টাইটেলটি দেখে আপনার বিভ্রান্তি লাগতে পারে; আমার উদ্দেশ্য সেটা মোটেও নয়। বলতে পারেন কিছু প্রশ্ন আছে কিন্তু উত্তর অনাবশ্যক। প্রশ্নের ধরণও কিছুটা ভিন্ন।

হাইভ-এ আসার আপনার উদ্দেশ্য কি বা ভবিষ্যতে আপনি কতোদূর যেতে চান তা আমার জানা নেই; আমি আমার উদ্দেশ্য বলতে পারি। গন্তব্য এখনও সুনির্দিষ্ট নয় কিন্তু অডিয়েন্স হয়ে থাকা আমার লক্ষ্য নয়। অনেক দূর অগ্রসর হবার ইচ্ছা আছে এবং খুব তাড়াতাড়ি সরে আসার চিন্তা করছি না। এই উপলব্ধি হলো এখানে আসার কিছুদিন পরই। এই উপলব্ধির পেছনে BDC - এর ভুমিকা আছে; এছাড়াও আর অনেকে আছে যাদের সাথে শুরুর দিকে পরিচয় হয়েছে। কাজ করে যোগাযোগ রাখাটা বেশ কাজের এই ধারণায় অনেকেই একমত। আমরা সবাই কমবেশি বিভিন্ন অ্যাপে অনেকের সাথে যোগাযোগ রাখি; চেনা পরিচিত লোকজনের সংখ্যা কিছু বেড়ে গেলে কি খুব সমস্যা হবে! পরিচিতদের কাছ থেকে যেটা পেয়েছি সেটা হল অনুপ্রেরণা যা সেইসময় খুব কাজে লেগেছে। কেন এভাবে বললাম তার কারণ বলব না। শুধু এটুকু বলবো যে যারা এখানে প্রায় ১ বছরের কাছাকাছি সময় ধরে আছে তাদের প্রোফাইলে একটু ঢুঁ মেরে আসেন এবং দেখবেন অনেকের পোস্ট এমন আছে যেখানে তাদের দু কড়িও আসেনি। তারা তখনও এখানে ছিল এবং আজও আছে।

শুরুর দিকে আমার উদ্দেশ্য ছিল উপার্জন, বাড়তি ইনকাম; একটু ইতস্থত বোধ হল স্বীকার করতে কিন্তু বলাটা জরুরী। বিন্দুমাত্র অভিজ্ঞতা নেই লেখালেখির, তবে চেষ্টার শেষ নেই। টাকাকে সোর্স হিসেবে চিন্তার মধ্যে খারাপ কিছু নেই; কিন্তু টাকাটাই মূল উদ্দেশ্য এই চিন্তা ভুল। হয়তো আমার সাথে একমত হবেন না কিন্তু তারপরও আমার কথাগুলো একটু ভেবে দেখবেন। যদি কামাইয়ের কথাই ভাবেন তাহলে সেটা কাজ বা চাকরির কাতারে পড়ছে। পরবর্তী চিন্তা আসে, আপনাকে চাকরিতে রাখা হয়েছে, পোস্টিং আপনার চাকরি এবং আপনাকে পারিশ্রমিক দেয়া হয়। যদি ধারণা এই হয়ে থাকে তাহলে কি আপনার কার্যদক্ষতা মুল্যায়নের বিষয়বস্তু হয়ে দাঁড়ায় না?

প্রথমত উপার্জনটা লক্ষ্য হয়ে থাকলেও এখন গন্তব্য কিছুটা বড় পরিসরের। তাই এটাকে কাজ, চাকরি, কামাইয়ের সোর্স বা বাড়তি ইনকাম ভেবে গুনলে তা সঠিক হবে না। অনেকেই এই প্ল্যাটফর্মকে ডায়রি হিসেবে দেখে বা ধরে নেয় এটি নিজের মনোভাব শেয়ার করার মাধ্যম; নানা মুনির নানা মত। উপদেশ দেয়ার সামর্থ্য আমার নেই; এ থেকে আমি কয়েকশো হাত দূরে থাকি। মানুষ দুজন এক গোছের হয় না; যে টোটকা আমার কাজে দিয়েছে তা আপনার কাজে নাও লাগতে পারে।

আপনার মতামত জানার কৌতূহল কাজ করছিলো। ধরে নিন, আপনি নিজের চেষ্টায় কি করতে পারেন সেটি দেখতে এসেছেন। চেষ্টা খুব ভাল, ভাল, মোটামোটি, শূন্য, খারাপ/বৃথা, খুব খারাপ এই কিছু পর্যায়ে পড়ে; যার চেষ্টা যে রকম, মানুষ দেখবেও তাকে সে রকম ভাবে।

চেষ্টার আরও একটি ক্যাটেগরি আছে - ক্রমাগত ভাল করা।

𝕰𝖓𝖉 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘

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