Sad, But Great | Manchester by the Sea

I have seen a lot of great movies, but the real thing that makes me happy is there is still a lot of great movies, that I could watch.


Manchester by the Sea is a movie I saw recently. I do not even know where to start praising, Since the time and mood are so perfect, the movie really touched me, it was really perfect in all of the aspects.
As there are many people who have not seen this movie yet, I do not go into the story. When you see the movie for the first time, you have to understand it, It is not a complicated plot. The driving force of the movie is the mental conflict of a person. Psychological Journey with a man who is trying to live his life somehow because of guilt.
He chooses that option, When everyone else escapes from the effect of that Tragedy and tries to start life again, he goes his own way. If he is right then no one else can blame him. Many people deal with Grief in many ways, it is a Depressing Dark journey.
Speaking of Casey Affleck, it really felt like he was just living life, It’s like shooting the life of him with a hidden camera, it’s some great acting. The performance is fully deserving of an Oscar for Best Actor. The severity of his condition at all those times where clearly captured.
Needless to say, After the movie, it was not like watching a movie. It felt like something beyond that, It was like being a part of their life. This is not to say that it is just Emotional, I usually do not feel anything like this when I watch movies. It was one of the gem movies, kind of affected me a lot.

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