Profit is like Fish

Profit is like Fish

Well its been a while lots of people are asking me for trading/investing related advice.
How do you do it?
Is that trade profitable?
Is that hive stake that you are holding is profitable?
Is Leo/Cub is good investment?
Would I rather buy this shit-coin or that?

And above all, Are you making profit?

So I thought I should write a summary of Profit and Loss (I got the idea from reserves in oil & gas, where similar terminology is used). So here it goes...



Booked Profit:

The fish is in the boat. You have weighed the fish. You can smell the fish and you will eat the fish.

Profit booked, but not converted to BUSD:

The fish is on your hook in the water by the boat and you are ready to net him. You can tell how big the fish looks (and they always look bigger in the water).

Possible Profit:

There are fish in the lake. You may have caught some yesterday. You may even be able to see them, but you have not caught any today.

Probable Profit:

There is water in the lake. Somebody may have told you there are fish in the lake. You have your boat on the trailer but you may go play golf instead.




You used to have a Fish. But you traded it for magic beans (or some BSC shit-coins). You used to have cash flow and a job. Now you just have the magic beans :)


If you buy fish from the Seattle wholesale market, put it in a cooler and then drive and sell it to your moron and geek Microsoft buddies at Redmond, you can make some pretty penny!



There you go! That's pretty much it. I hope you are having fun and not watching the price of DEC :)

I do hold 16M DEC, so no worries. I promise you this is not that fish that got away. Also they did something with the damn inflation and now the quest rewards DEC and the per-win DEC are both tiny! No complaints, as the the game has given us a lot! I am sure the rewards will readjust soon enough! I do love the new rewards cards, just for the records!


Chart from Tribaldex

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2 columns
1 column