Homonyms: Junk


No, the effort is not junk @sarashew and @whileatwiltshire. It just the fact that most important folder on my one drive is called "JUNK"! The master password of all the passwords that I keep in an excel file (including my hive keys) is "junk"! Sorry, I am kidding! It was junk, but they now require a number!!


See I don't make things up

Yeah, that fact that it didn't move since 1/23/2018 is very concerning now that I think about it. Meaning it is NOT the creating date but date modified. It means I haven't been touching my junk in 3 years!! Makes me old, probably!

Alright, enough with the jokes, lets get to it, as I really want to answer these questions myself!

What is the best time for writing?

Now! It is always NOW.

And to the rest of your youngters messing around, the time is now. It is always now. Does it sound repetitive? Yes, because that's the intention. Yes, you heard me..... NOW!

What is your favorite thing to write about?

Personally I can write about virtually anything under the sun! Don't believe me? Try it. There is the story, several others have tried it as a challenge and mostly failed. Okay, enought self-centered boasting! With that out of the way...

I do like to write about Travel, Finance, Hive-Governance (although less and less about that lately), Socio-Economy, Games (especially blockchain games like Splinterlands), Movies & Books, Art...in no particular order. I write when I feel like writing which is often. But I also take very long breaks of absolutely no writing for no particular reason.

Is there any writing of yours that has managed to Land on your favorite list?

Too many! This is simply because I am also a technical writer be profression. I did editing for multiple scientific journal and still do as time permits. But I think here recreational writing is meant. On that, there isn't too many I can remember. But there are a few hive posts that I wrote relatively recently that I enjoy going back to. Mostly for fun! Oh, one thing, before hive I have never written anything as a 'blog' recreationally. My hive account is now 4 years old, so that is one thing I probably wouldn't have done without hive (steem earlier).

What was the first thing you wrote just for yourself?

This is not an easy question for an Old Man like me. Must be something way back in school long before the days of computers and internet. Most likely with a fountain pen (yes I used to love them, still have a few) on a piece of paper. Mostly likely it would be a travel diary, but I can't be sure.

Who is your favorite Writer/Which is your favorite book?

This is obviously not a good question, as there is no real answer to this. Simply because I have way too many. I can't make a distinction between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Haruki Murakami. The first one I discovered probably in 1985, and the second one I discovered during the pandemic in 2020. They are both equally good in their own way and obviously they probably have nothing in common. That said we are often biased towards recent times for obvious reasons. Short-term memory is easier and more overwhelming.

So I must talk about the Pandemic. March 15, 2020 was my last office day at my workplace. After that I have been there numerous times quite regularly at times, but usually I am the only one in the floor (and a building that is 50 stories tall), that during normal times held 70 offices and near 60-80 people at any given workday. So I always think that is the day for me when people stopped coming to work here in Houston, TX. And people haven't returned yet. I go as often as I like, but it's not been the same. I love to go to work, because I enjoy the view from my office, and I like my office desk better than my working desk as home. Anyways, what pandemic did, at least in the beginning, is a big empty spot on free time. Where I could read many books. I love to read, so the only problem for me always is TIME. Pandemic gave me time. I could pick up 1Q84 by Murakami in late March of 2020. Normally it would be impossible to pick up that book simply because of its size (1100 pages), not to mention its complex content and storyline. But I am so glad I did. It remains of the top books I have read in recent times, and opened the door of modern Japanese literature for me.

PS. I wrote this straight without any editing. If there are spelling errors, I will check later :)

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