We’re Amazing Drinks! Hello everyone!

We are water. The 75% of our body is water, which is why we constantly need to ingest liquids to live, so like food, drinks are very important in the human diet. And beyond their function of maintenance and nutrition, there is the enjoyment that they offer us in general.

And it is precisely to celebrate and spread the world's drinks that the Amazing Drinks community was born, a space where all drinks have a home. No matter what type of drink it is, here is your ideal niche, well, there are exceptions, such as coffee, beer and wine; but these ingredients can be used in the preparation of cocktails or other drinks that include them in their preparation.

Whether they are juices, milkshakes, smoothies, infusions, teas (medicinal or not), chocolate, mate, fruit juices, liqueurs, cocktails, punches, creams, spritzers, distillates... everything that is drinkable has its space in this community. And although we are a Plant Power (Vegan) friendly community, at Amazing Drinks you can share non-vegan recipes.

What can you post on Amazing Drinks?

You can post about:

  • Juices.

  • Smoothies.

  • Juices.

  • Teas (medicinal or not).

  • Infusions (medicinal or not)

  • Soft drinks.

  • Cocktails.

  • Strikeouts.

  • Mates.

  • And any other drink, except for those indicated in the previous section.

  • You can also do drink reviews, but you should focus on the drink experience.

  • Food and drink pairing.

  • Mixology.

What can't you post on Amazing Drinks?

Posts about:

  • Soups.

  • Broths

  • Consommés.

  • No drinks that include any meat product, (although eggs, milk and honey are allowed).

  • Posts about coffee (there is an active community with that niche, which you can visit, here we share the link: Cinnamon Cup Coffee

  • Posts about beers (there is an active community with that niche, which you can visit, here we share the link: BEER

  • Posts about wines (there are two communities with this niche, which you can visit). Here we share the links: Cheers and Food&Wine Lovers

We invite you to join the Amazing Drinks community! Where all drinks have their home. Do you want to support us?

Long live all the wonderful and amazing drinks in the world, all at Amazing Drinks!

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