Pica the hunter

Here my cat Pica

Pica the king

Having some rest on the grass.

Sleeping under the fig tree

Having some rest under the fig tree

On the fig tree

Climbing the fig tree too

Pica the beauty

Hii mate @appalachain , as I promised to you yesterday, I post for you my cat Pica. Does he look like Garfield? He is fat like him but not lazy as Garfield, he runs , climbs the trees and the most important thing he is a good hunter, no mice at home . When he detects the presence of a mouse , in the courtyard or anywhere in the house , I swear it's a died mouse. He is here waiting for it , untill the mice gets out the hole and he kills it . Even it takes hours, it doesn't matter, he is here waiting like statue , no move , he catchs it , he catchs it. Just unbelievable.

I don't think Garfield like hunting , he is a lazzy cat , just like sleeping and eating lazagna. Hhh funny 😄 movie cat .I like him too. But I remembered he saved his dog's friend , he is an hero Garfield .
Mine I think it is wise too , one day I saw him , he didn't let his sister cat to go out when they were youger , he protected her. Brave is my cat.

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