Shed Update 4

Finally another update!

I got the jigsaw completed, and then health and weather kind of slowed progress, again.

Last weekend I got help to lift the roof up onto the shed, though I had to dismantle half of the jigsaw puzzle.

Today I was determined to get those pieces back on. We have heavy rain due over the next few days, and I may be away up to see my dad at the weekend.

So today was up and down on wobbly ladders to secure the roof frame to the shed, and to get the panels back up on the roof (big thanks to my son for helping lift the 2 biggest ones up).

As you can see below, things are far from waterproof! The next step is to cover the gaps from below, then silicon seal all the joints, gaps, and screws.

From there it'll be time to spend some money on roofing felt, adhesive, and waterproof sealant.

And I'm under strict instruction to have the deck cleared and cleaned by the time we start getting some pleasant weather in the spring.

text and pictures by stuartcturnbull

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