Making An Apron Out Of Old Clothes

Hello friends! Today I worked on a small project that I've been meaning to do for a while. It was a nice break from my long term, will-I-ever-finish projects, like the Forever Blanket, lol.

I made an apron out of an old jumper I used to wear in junior high school:

Turning it into an apron would be simple enough because of it's design. So first I cut the sides of the skirt part, which had a nice halfway point with buttons:

Now it's in half, a front and a back side:

Next, I cut off the back of the skirt. I'm going to use the fabric for another project (cough Another Faerie Friend Is On The Way cough).

There are these nice belt loops in the back, which I will use to hold the tie. I pulled this out of my saved scraps to use for that:

Et voila, I have a new apron!

I almost posted this in #needleworkmonday, but then I realized I didn't actually sew anything, lol. See, it was a simple project! 😄

And it's got pockets to hold my paintbrushes and whatnot. 😃

Thanks for reading and have a great day, everyone!

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