make lavender flowers easily

hello all hive friends, I hope all friends are prosperous and healthy wherever they are.

tonight I want to make a very easy lavender flower, and I will share several stages of work.

prepare ingredients

  1. origami paper
  2. scissors
  3. glue
  4. pencil

Step 1

Make flower stems :

Origami paper size 10x15, then roll it from end to end.

Once rolled then we glue.

This is how the finished flower stem looks like .

Step 2

create flower parts :

Paper size 5x15 we cut, then folded in two parts.

What has been folded, then mark with a pencil the ends with a line size of 1 cm.

Then finely cut scissors with a distance of 0.5 cm

then open the paper that has been cut, then reverse it and glue it.

Then stick it on the stem that has been prepared

Step 3

create the leaf part:

Scissors size 5x5 then fine scissors with a sharp pointy shape

After everything is ready, we stick the leaves on the stem and the The flowers.


How about all friends, it's very easy isn't it, and it's very easy and very fast for the processing process.

Good luck all friends.

See you in the next post.....

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