"DIYHUB"Origami contest//make easy and beautiful lotus flowers

Hello all art lovers....

Today I want to participate in the @diyhub community which is holding a contest this month with an origami theme,We can make whatever we want from origami materials, from something simple and easy to share later.

And first in this month's contest I will share a very easy way to make lotus flowers from origami paper.

This method is very easy for you to learn to make lotus flowers, with simple ingredients and only one ingredient you can make something very beautiful.

Let's friends follow the very easy steps to make lotus flowers.

Materials used

3 sheets of origami paper

Steps to make lotus flowers

✔️Origami paper measuring 21x21cm, then fold it in a diagonal triangle shape, and open the paper again, then fold it again from the other side in a diagonal shape and we open it again.

✔️Take the top part then fold it to the middle point, and also fold all the sides to the middle point too.

✔️Then we do the same thing, take each corner and fold it to the center point again.

✔️Turn the paper over, then take the right corner and fold it again to the middle point, and do the same for all corners,And reopen the paper after folding it.

✔️And turn the paper over again, then take the top part of the paper and fold it up, and take the bottom part, fold it down, and fold the left and right parts sideways,And turn the paper over again.

✔️Take each corner of the box shape, and fold it to the middle point again, and do the same thing for each corner again,will look like a flower.

✔️ Then take the paper at the bottom of the back, then we pull it out, and we roll up the edge a little.


That's a very easy way to make lotus flowers, friends, we can teach this to children because it's a quick and easy way for children to learn it.

See you in my next post, friend

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