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Pikachu/Pokemon origami paper bookmark

Hello beloved art lovers!!

Back again today with myself @nurul-uli in this extraordinary community, honing our artistic skills to become beautiful art.

Such a bright day made me want to participate again in the @DIYHub community, making something from origami paper.

This time I will make the easiest and fastest thing, usually children really like things like this for us to make and teach to children.

Make bookmarks from paper in the shape of Pokemon, or in the shape of other animals that children like.

Materials needed to make pokemon paper borders

  • Origami paper
  • Scissors
  • black and red markers

how to make it

step 1

Paper scissors measuring 10x10cm,then folded it in half and opened the paper again, and folded it in half again from the other side.

step 2

Then we fold the paper again in a diagonal shape and open it again, then fold it from the other side in a diagonal shape too, then open it again, and we follow the lines and fold it in a shape like a kite.

step 3

Then, once the paper is shaped like a kite, take the top part and fold it down.

step 4

Then take the right and left side, fold it slightly to the side, like the picture below.

step 5

Then we take the top part which looks like a pointy shape, then fold it to the side to form the ear, do the left side also like it,And the part on the ear, we fold it again to make it smaller and prettier.

step 6

Then take the bottom part, about 2 cm, and fold it inwards

step 7

Then we draw the eyes and mouth, and color the cheeks and ears, and finish the work stage.

Photo results

Those are some steps on how to make it, it's very easy, isn't it?
Good luck and the tutorials I shared today will be useful.
See you in my next work ....

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