Bullet journal - JULY

Hey guys, I know we are already quite into July, but I didn't get chance to post my bullet journal earlier. This time I decided again to go with the easier theme, and very fitting to this time of the year - watermelon. I could eat it everyday in summer, and I could eat so much of it. As always I searched for inspiration on YouTube, I saw some amazing watercolor watermelons, and even though I love both of those, watercolors would take more time, and my bullet journal paper is not good for watercolors. I did mix of few videos, and this is my main page:

This time I also tried to save a bit on space, just because I am half way through my bullet journal notes, and I like it a lot, so wanna use it as much as I can. Now here are some of the scatches of other pages:

Even though I wanted to keep it simple, I wanted to add mood tracker again, and you can be very creative with them, so mine was bit more time consuming, but I had idea of it and wanted to do it anyway. This is how pages look finished:

For the next month I will try to post it on time, but it's not like you have to do this for July strictly, themes are optional and you can do them anytime you want.

Thank you for reading my post ^^

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