Sharpening the minds of our young ones with creative DIY projects

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy right? Oh yes, it does.

I had a fun time like I've never had in a long while watching my daughter and her schoolmate get creative with some DIY projects, during the last PTA meeting held in my child's school, one of the unsatisfactory issues raised by parents was how the school wasn't really into the aspect of making the pupils become practical with what they were taught in class,


you would agree with me that involving the children with practicals and creativity helps them understand clearly the concept of what they were taught in theory class, so I was happy when I received the news from her school that a creativity day has been included in their curriculum for the new term being it's first DIY creativity event and also suggested by parents, we were invited to come to join in the fun, and also catch up with the fun away from work.



Students and parents were grouped into different projects, and there were also prizes to be worn by the students who made the neatest artwork. There were three projects for the day, group 1 made picture frames using cardboard, cartons, and gum.


A guide, which can be either a parent or teacher shows them what to do, and they get to follow the process. I think the picture frame is the easiest of the DIY projects of the day.


Next is the sleeping mat group, also using different colours of cardboard and gum, this was the group I joined,


  • First a plain cardboard is placed on a flat surface,


  • Next, we begin to cut the other colour of the card in about one to two -inch strips,


  • When enough strip is gotten, we place it vertically, gumming it t Lo the plain cardboard base, leaving space in between, and also repeat the same process placing it horizontally this time,


  • And a sleeping mat art is formed, you can see the children happily displaying their outcome, a lot of them got it right while we had to correct some others with few mishaps


  • The more technical project Is the paper flower, also made with different colours of cardboard, the older students were made to do this, and I think they did very well because the outcome is very beautiful as you can see in the picture.





The best out of all done would be selected and used as wall decor for their classrooms, it was indeed a fun day, a day spent well away from work stress, bonding with the children and also helping them sharpen their creative minds, this was a good initiative and thankfully the day was a success. According to the school, this marks the beginning as more days like today would be set for creativity henceforth.

All images used in this post are mine

Thank you for reading.❤❤

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