Vintage spot light the update

OK a few days ago I posted about the Unity Manufacturing Spotlight I'd found for @scubaheads Narrowboat. Well, Hivers yesterday I took a trip up to the midlands to fit it and try it out with a tunnel run. After a bit of debate, we decided to mount the light on the centerline to provide a more central light pattern. And it looks good.

@scubahead seems pleased with the result.


The light is in keeping with his future plans for the boat and a lot more appropriate than some of the large brass spots you see on some of the longer narrow boats.


Time for the test the Shrewley is not a long tunnel at only 396m opened in December 1799 as part of the then Warwick and Birmingham Canal. Now incorporated into part of the Grand Union Canal network.


Seems to work OK certainly enough light to navigate by thanks to @millycf1976 wp at the front for this photo.

All, for now, Hivers I can't wait to meet up again in Stratford upon Avon in a week or or so hopefully this time we will get some sun and manage the long-awaited Barbeque.