My beautiful Berkins sandals

Hello hivans, great to be with you all here again. Today, I'll be posting about Berkins sandals which is a unisex sandals for both men and women and very fit and easy to wear.

Just like in the images, the Berkins is a ready made sole from the factory and little work is only needed on it.

One of the things I love about needlework is the neatness it gives to shoes and other wears. Cutting the leather and sewing them neatly makes the job amazing and easy to love by Customers.

The carving of the underneath is as well as important like every other parts. The accurate measurement is needed to fit with the Berkins above and a nice filing to make it smooth is also necessary if you want to satisfy your customers need.

I started my application of gum right here and it's such an easy process that can be done by anyone.

It is well built and I'm glad my customer gave a positive comment on it after delivery.

Material used:

  • Scissors
  • gum
  • Berkins sole
  • leather
  • needle and thread
  • underneath sole
  • Buckle

Thanks for viewing and always supporting my blog

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