DIY Tutorial on how to cut and sew a short straight gown.

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Today I am sharing a little tutorial on how to cut and sew a short straight gown.
Here is the finished sew gown make my me

Hope it is beautiful
Please treat has important. I love to share what I know with other and I think it's will be helpful.

Let get start.
I will love to show you guys how I make this beautiful gown and I hope you will like it


Under Bust34
Under Bust Length14
Half Length15
Hand length10
Full length40

Here is the material we are using


Firstly I folded the material into two, Mark out the upper front part, Mark out the half length measurement and added 1 inches for sewing allowance and then I mark out bust point, under bust point and waist point and take all my measurements and cut it out has shown below



Then I added 2 inches for zip allowance at the back side and mark out 4 inches from the center and get the dart point and cut it out


I now join my upper front part together this is the outcome of it


the next one is there down part remember that the full length of this dress is 40 inches while the half length is 15 inches, I will minus the half length and take the accurate measurement and added 2 inches for sawing allowance,then I take my waist line, hips line and connect it together and cut it out, same thing with the lining, but I will take out 1 and half inches from the bottom since am sawing everything inside to make it neat

The next step is to join the upper and the lower part together,I join the back and the front part of my straight gown together, I fixed the sleeve and shape it out. This is the outcome

Thanks for going through my blog

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