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Hello everyone

Meet me again, friends, on this occasion I will participate in this interesting contest where in this community every month there is always a contest and I have participated before and I will participate again with the same theme. Hope you like and are entertained

On this occasion I took an origami paper and made a heart and it became a surprise for friends, where this will be something valuable for the people we love because it is full of meaning, formed from the shape of a heart, then inside it has this content. it becomes a matter of pride for the person who receives it

Then I took blue origami paper to make the color stand out more because among the many colors I prefer blue. Therefore, blue is my choice to make hearts and be a surprise for friends

For friends who want to know and want to try making it, I will explain one by one step by step along with the materials I use, hopefully you can understand it well and you will be entertained by watching the tutorial.

Ingredients used

  • Blue Origami Paper
  • Money
  • Sticking

How to make it

The first step that must be done is to take blue origami paper then fold it into two parts, first fold it from the left and to the right then after that fold it to the middle again then we turn it back and form it with a cone.

Then the next step is to turn it back and fold it to the middle of the left and right. After that we form a cone underneath

the next step is we fold it to the middle then at the bottom do as I did, namely fold the bottom to the middle in a cone shape then do it according to the left and right pictures

Then we turn it around and it's like a heart. After that we open it in the middle from the bottom then take the money to put it in then take the stick so it doesn't open and the money doesn't fall out

that's my participation on this occasion, I think it's quite good and quite interesting and I also think you can follow the step by step to make it very easy, it doesn't take a long time, just look at the tutorial data and do it well, it will definitely work.

to all my friends, I think do it well and give it in another color because with the red or yellow version the shape of the heart will look beautiful too and I think this is a shape that is not small and not too big so this is easy to be a surprise for people or friends that we love and they are definitely happy

This is all I can share on this occasion, I hope you like and entertain see you in the next post, friends


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