WARHAMMER 40k - Genestealers! The Sneaky variety of Tyranids!


Good day all! Zak Ludick here from Cape Town, South Africa with another Warhammer 40k Lore post!

Some time ago I covered those icky, horrible, gribbly Super Dino-Bugs. But when the Tyranids are not storming your walls with massive hordes of creatures large and small, then they have a unique ability to infiltrate the worlds they wish to consume well in advance of the main Hive fleets.

That is to use the Genestealers...

Not the Jean-Stealers mind!


Nono, far worse that stealing your pants, the Genestealers pretty much work like this: If you were fighting some sort of Tyranid or you were not even sure WHAT you were fighting and you were not killed and eaten, waking up unharmed some time later then... it might have already happened.

You might not know that anything is wrong. You might go on from there, with an acute sense of broodiness and want to make babies. A many as possible.

And that's how Genestealer Cults are made! Ew!

So they implated you with an organelle that ensures that you want to have babies and that the babies will be genestealer babies. Not right away of course. Your first-generation babies will be very slightly different from normal humans. Those babies might even physically seem just fine but THEIR children will not be physically normal.

Before those grandchildren come out, the babies will actively seek one another out. They are biologically corrupt and drawn together to form a Brotherhood through the Hive-mind intelligence that binds Tyranids together.

They will hide the "deformities" of their children and their gatherings of cultists will yield various leaders and other wierdos that will be able to fulfill certain roles in the Cult.

The whole point of all of this is to convert large parts of a population of the Imperium (Or any other aliens) into agents of the Hivemind. When the main Tyranid forces arrive on a world, they are joined by the Genestealer Cults.

I have not really taken them on in a match. Purestrain Genestealers are fragile to damage but deal out even more damage. The rest of the Genestealer Cult are a mix bag of humans under the control of the Cult - so like Guardsmen or other more deformed creatures that are more deadly in close combat.

As far as I know, they have a sneaky playstyle as their whole Schtick is that they can infiltrate places under the pretense of being human. They also seem to have a way to bring certain types of squads back into battle once they are fully destroyed the first time.

Time will tell! I will need to face them on the battlefield and find out for myself!

Thanks for reading!

3/365 Hobby Posts done.

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