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No Dough More Dough - Acid Techno Mix

ND Podcast 65

I recently did a mix for the brilliant Manchester based No Dough..... and my soul was touched that it reached 11th on the Global acid charts!

So if you like techno, acid or just some straight electronic funk then check this out and let me know what you think - any tracks you like just comment the time and I can give you the track listing if mixcloud isn’t showing it, but their system is quite spot on usually, ever since the advent of the GOOGLE CONTENT ID (the first company to ever properly invest in audio waveform recognition technology I believe please correct me if I’m wrong) all the systems that have come after it are pretty good at analysing audio and matching it to a database.

I mean you can see why they do it, YouTube’s content matching ID system generates millions in “lost” revenue from unauthorised usage alone so there’s that too.

But enough about algorithms -




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