( I apologise for the half cross post also)

So I don't know whether to call this an initiative, or a challenge (watch this space on that one though) but after seeing a bunch of very well written posts about peoples collections lingering around Hive and on this amazing community I've decided to try and make a more regular movement on this!

For this one I wanna see some Vinyl. Or records as its said in some places (U.K. DJ here🥴) .

It doesn’t matter the genre or the size, the name nor the artist just go find a few vinyls you’ve got laying around and pick one you think is a goodun!

I’ll try curate as many as possible but try to show a picture of it, you gotta own the wax to write about the wax man.

Maybe write a little paragraph about why you like it or maybe if it inspired something within you, or a funny event happened whilst listening just a bit of a story behind it you know!

I will be slowly dripping in each week a record from my collection and as you may or may not know all DJ’s are secretly desperate to know what old dubplate or one off promos they’ve got stacked in their library so regardless of the genre were breaking standard DJ conformity by everyone sharing ;) .

It doesn't matter where you've posted as long as you tag it vinyl, or biglove ill add you too the list and then each week collate the best and figure out some rewards aswell as curation. The brilliantly run @music-community would be the best place to start....

Then just cross post here whilst I get my HP up

I’ll get this started with this post, it just had to be this legendary album.



Now its your turn, go dust off those vinyls you got laying around and share em! tag biglove to be added to the BIG LOVE communtiy for a future project and although I am waiting for my voting mana to recharge since a delegation lease ended (forgot that drop happened) I will be curating what I can on-chain, and off-chain (watch this space on this secret things coming)



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