Giveaway of Gratitude #3. 5 HSBI. CLOSED

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How often do we forget gratitude and giving freely when times are as hard as they are now. And there is always something to be thankful for, as long as you open your eyes every morning! And there is always someone to give your love to!

Today is the third round of my giveaway, and I'm glad so many people supported the idea and participated in my act of gratitude and gratuitous giving. I love you all as much as I love Hive! Let's continue this initiative, which inspires me and makes me happy. So let's get started!


As I wrote in the first post Giveaway of Gratitude. 5 HSBI. CLOSED!, I give every day and want to take it to Hive! The purpose of this next giveaway is to give back to Hive and its members my share of appreciation and love! This is a gratuitous giveaway. That is, if the payout for this post is 5.01 Hive, I will give away 6 HSBI! The only thing I get is your love and part of the Hive SBI (that's how HSBI works).

What is HSBI

HSBI is a social experiment that has grown into something bigger. I have read many posts and other information about it. In my opinion, it is worthy of both Hive and this world in general! If you don't already know what HSBI (Hive SBI) is, read this post: Hive SBI

Why am I leaning specifically toward HSBI? Because this value that I give away also stays at Hive. It also shows my love for this blockchain and everyone involved!


  1. Leave a comment below the post.
  2. Wait 7 days from the time the post is published.
  3. Bots and multi-accounts are not participating and will be tracked manually by me. That's what the 7 days are for.
  4. The five winners will each receive 1 HSBI.

It's simple, isn't it? If it is, then go for it! I'd love to see your love for the entire Hive community!

I will acknowledge all the past giveaway participants. If you're not interested in further mention, just let me know in the comments under the post and forgive me if it bothered you!

@ablaa @albephotos5 @alex2alex @amaillo @anonymous02 @aphiel @arc7icwolf @arieruzzzz @assassyn @bitandi @blitzzzz @bombus @ceekz @coquicoin @crazyphantombr @crazywrites6 @eddwood @edskymiguel @emeka4 @femcy-willcy @fernandoylet @flaxz.alive @fragozar01 @frankches @funshee @hafiz34 @henrietta27 @henruc @hollowins @hoosie @imfarhad @jmis101 @katerinaramm @lheeshan06
@libertycrypto27 @linlove @luizeba @mamaemigrante @marilour @marytabonita @mrenglish @mrhive001 @myothuzar @mypathtofire @naythan @no-advice @nomaddreamer @nozzy @officialrosh1 @osomar357 @pero82 @portal-xenna @prechidi @rimurutempest @serhotest @sgbonus @shanibeer @sheikh27 @smariam @sukmhaske @tengolotodo @tokutaro22 @tommyl33 @treefrognada @tunikatu @tydynrain @vaynard86 @wittyzell @yeckingo1 @zestimony

Past giveaway winners:
@portal-xenna, @naythan, @alex2alex, @sgbonus, @serhotest
Congratulations, guys!

I'm glad for both your participation and the fact that I gave out my gratitude and love gratuitously, as I have done! I hope to continue this initiative with more gratitude, and do it on an ongoing basis! Congratulations again to everyone!

All awards were sent out about an hour ago, but it's taking some time to fulfill on the part of @ steembasicincome. At the moment I have not received my part yet either, here is a screenshot of the last status on my HSBI: ⬇️

The markets will always give us surprises. Both good and bad. The world will come crashing down on us constantly with new shocks, as it has been doing for the past few years. But love, gratitude and giving will always be there. Only they remain beyond time and this world. Remember this! Peace!

That's all for now! Hive ON! We Are Alive!

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