A Hive Office: My Dreem Space

It’s quite a coincidence that our dreemport prompt talks about our dreem space.

For the longest time, ever since the second quarter of the year, I have been literally dreaming up my ideal space in my head. Stashing it with the essential things I need for it to be fully functional.

Right from when I joined Hive, I’ve had this vision of getting more involved with the space and doing it full time. But due to some restraining factors, such as school, I hadn’t been able to devote as much time and effort to it as I’d have loved.

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Luckily, I finished my final year of school this year and graduated a few months ago. My next phase of life will involve me hunting for an internship placement in a good hospital and working there for the next year.

In the meantime, I have sought out resources to help me develop the spirit of consistency, such that I am able to show up more frequently on hives. I already write blogs, so my plan is to explore vlogging on 3Speak and then combine that with my blogs.

Materials Needed

So taking into account my plans for the next year, the materials I need to make my dreem space a reality are:

  1. A light source: Having a light source, such as a ring light, would be very helpful in illuminating my videos. From the ones I’ve seen, a good one should cost around 7–10 HBD.

  2. A phone with a good camera: I already have a phone that I could use to capture decent videos, but I would also love to have one with better quality. This should cost around 200 HBD.

  3. A tripod: This will help in holding my phone straight and keeping it stable for the video shooting. This should cost anywhere around 10–15 HBD.

  4. A Bluetooth Microphone: I’m particular about the quality of my videos. A good Bluetooth microphone will help me when I’m recording songs to participate in some contests on our block chain. This costs around 10 HBD.

  5. A Cat: This is not a material 😅, but I’ve always wanted a cat. My mom isn’t the biggest fan of pets, so I can’t have one now. But when I finally get my own place, I will get a cat. I cannot envision my dreem space without a cat. I have already named her Zee🥰.

My Dreem Space

My dreem space would be an office dedicated to Hive. I already have a table and a chair, so it would be an office space with a desk and a chair. And the table would hold my laptop, phone, and Bluetooth microphone.

Whenever I needed to blog, I’d go to the office, open up my laptop, and write. Beside the table, I’d stand my ring light and tripod. Then there would be cute hive-customized items like a miniature flag featuring the Hive and Ecency logo and a frame with the 3Speak logo on it.

Somewhere at the foot of my table will be a small bed for my cat. She’ll always be by my side as I click away on my laptop or as I make the videos. She might even feature in some of them.

How Soon Can This Happen?

I’m currently working on a budget and stashing away some cash for these purposes. I’ll start with the most important one, which is the Bluetooth microphone. Little by little, I’ll get them all. But before I manage to do that, I will make do with the resources currently at my disposal.

Hopefully, before next year, I should have been able to secure most of the items on my list.

Oh well, it will be amazing if I could come back to this post in the future to check them all off the list. I look forward to it.

And that is my dreem space!

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