My 2021 Hivelight - The Best Community One Can Get!

As short as my experience here on Hive has been up till this day, it has been full of interesting highlights so far.
A month or so, not even more, and already full of great moments and awesome people that I have encountered.

With this year coming to an end, @guiltyparties offered an open invitation to reflect back on ONE Hive related highlight from 2021 that stands out the most. Whether it's something we achieved, a person we met, a good day, or anything really as long as it had a positive impact and is Hive related.

You can read about and participate in this challenge over here:
Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!

My 2021 Highlight:

I won't be talking about my arrival on Hive as the one highlight, despite it being the best thing I've done in 2021 generally. It will surely be something I will not forget.

I won't be talking or naming the wonderful people that I've gladly met so far, as that would be many.

I will be focusing instead about the community, highlighting one that I've joined, not only because it was personally pivotal for my experience here on Hive, but because of the important role it plays for the ecosystem of Hive as a whole!

The Terminal

As fresh as this may be, the day when I joined @theterminal would be the most significant highlight for me in 2021.

I still remember as it was yesterday how "lost" it felt in my early days, like anyone totally new, alone, deprived of RC, trying to figuring out what to do.
And how all that changed when I saw that notification from @heyhaveyamet, @theterminal's sister project. Along with the @rc-assist, who provided help and a welcoming place. Definitely is 2021 highlight worthy.

Without them, as many others might have done, I would've probably gave up and left back then.
They offered help and support, but most importantly a loving and welcoming community, a family that is willing to give guidance and advice to anyone who seeks it, putting them on the right tracks.

Much love to all of you! ā¤

To be fair, the Hive community as a whole is thriving with friendly and a let's-grow-together kind of mentality and attitude! A truely special atmosphere filled with much support and positivity.

It's ironic how it is marketed sometimes as a "make money for posting" place. While the money is good and all, the community is what really makes it a real gem. šŸ’Ž

A theme that most other social platforms are lacking, Hive is truely a special place that I'm glad to be part of.

coming over from the legacy blockchain, since that's where I signed up first and seeing how almost dead it was.
It was honestly far beyond my expectations when I arrived on Hive, to find all these smart, loving, and wonderful people. Genuinely connecting and supporting one another, blogging and posting high quality content. Busy bees, working for the benefit of the hive, and consequently the benefit of all other bees.

I'm glad I found this place, and I'm thankful for all the genuine people I've connected with so far.
It honestly had a big impact on me. I was heading towards a place where there was nothing left for me to do, I won't dive into this subject, but life dictates some nasty $#@% stuff sometimes.

I'm pretty sure 2022 will be full of joy and many more highlights for me and everyone else, as this place is constantly evolving and getting better and better each day!

ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜†

Thank you all for doing what you're doing, and being as great as you are!!! I'm happily looking forward to the years to come, and to meeting more awesome people. šŸ˜Š

Happy holidays to everyone, I wish you all the best!
ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜† ā˜†

See you around! āœŒ

Join The Terminal if you have any questions or need help!
Your Terminal Discord Invite!

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