Wow, it seems like just yesterday that @monica-ene helped me set up my hive account and taught me all the skills I needed to succeed on the blog. Now, as I reach my one-year blockchain anniversary, I can honestly say that joining hive was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. In fact, after reflecting on it all, I only wish I had discovered this amazing platform sooner.


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I can say this with confidence because before I joined hive, my life and finances were declining. However, over time after joining the blockchain, my life and most aspects of it started to experience a positive change. I attribute this change entirely to the blockchain because through it, I was able to learn a lot, including mind-blowing self-improvement articles and excellent financial advice and writing that, if I had to acquire them in the outside world, would have cost a fortune.

In spite of this, I received them all for free on the blockchain. Hive has been a blessing to me in many ways, and reaching this milestone with the impact it had on me in just a single year has made me cognizant of what it'll be like to clock five or more years on the blockchain, if just one year can be this amazing.

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If I'm being completely honest, my motivation for joining hive was the possibility of earning money. I won't blame myself for having that mindset because it's not at all easy to survive in my country, and even after working multiple jobs, I still didn't have enough money to support my family. However, despite my initial motivation for joining hive, which was met to a significant extent, hive has become a part of me because of the community.

Like it's often said, I came for the reward, but now I'm saying primarily because of the community and the people hive connected me with within my first year on the blockchain. These are a group of people who, despite the fact that we haven't actually met in person, are now my close friends and with whom I talk frequently. My growth and the knowledge I possess today are a testament to their respective guidance and advice.

The list would be nearly limitless if I were to mention everyone, but I don't want to tag too many people. Nonetheless, I felt that failing to acknowledge the following folks could make me feel ungrateful.

The following @dswigle @kgakakillerg @starstrings01 and @crosheille are the people I met during my first few months on the blockchain, and their words of encouragement, support, and much more were one of the reasons I could survive the disappointment and wariness that newbies typically encounter. I won't be pinning down their individual impact because they've all just been exceptionally, these are the people I met during my first few months on the blockchain.

During the second half of my hive quest, I came upon the neoxian city on elements, which has already changed my life. I have met great, kind, and loving people there, in person of Mr Dragon, @burlarj @shrazi @b0s @xabi @nkemakonam89 @quduus1 and many others, their influence on the development of my hive cannot be overstated.

I appreciate all of their help, and I also wish them success in anything they do.

I have amassed around 3,327 hive, which are currently dispersed across the blockchain, in hp and hive engine tokens over the course of this last year.

In order to benefit others through mentorship and support, I am currently looking forward to increasing my stake on the blockchain.


I would like to thank hivebuzz for the frequent milestone updates and reminders they have provided me over the years, even to the one year anniversary reminder.

I appreciate you reading my post and I hope to see you again when I mark my fifth and tenth years on the hive blockchain.

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