Starting from the bottom - 2021 Hive Highlight!

Joining hive has been more than a blessing, imagine being in one place and seeing the world in one screen, hehehe... It is indeed a thing of joy, at times i dance for being here and at times i beat my chest over it that i should have been on hive a long time ago, for not getting to know hive the last few years, yet i am happy for being here now.



My 2021 Hive highlight as been remarkable and in the presence of @galenkp, to me, Galenkp is more of role model, i would never forget his words of encouragement, and how he make one to feel special, i came to know about galenkp when i was scrolling the differents Community's on hive, and i came across a Community which was "The weekend Community" and taking another step in checking the post in the Community, i saw a post about "Weekend Engagement, really it was on Friday, i calm down myself and i read the rules and what is entails to take part in the weekend engagement, i did took part in the weekend engagement, by then, the weekend was done in a way were participants would have to make a comment of their answers pertaining to that weekend question, by making a comment we use to comment our answers below galenkp post in the weekend Community and one of the rules was to engage with others participants which was always fun for me, because i would have to come down to your comment and make you feel special and add more value to your answer, it is through the weekend engagement that i met many hivians, engage with them and get to know how amazing they are like @mineopoly, @merit.ahama, @dandays, and @harlowjourney whose has been so nice and Caring to me and afterwards, i press the follow buttons on the weekend Community to keep me updated about the community post.



Thereafter, @eco-alex of @ecotrain has also play a positive roles in making my 2021 hive highlight a memorable one that would always stays in my mind and never to be forgotten, at times i see myself in all the activities that is undergo by ecotrain Community, just as it is the community beliefs so is my belief, Ecotrain focus on sustainable environment, love, peace and harmony and freedom, just as it is always my assumption, i do belief in freedom and also see the world as a society where love conquer everything, where love make everything possible for humans.

Where humans need love in all endeavor and where peace and harmony could be obtained through Love.

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