my life without Hive? No way!

Immediately I saw these questions, the first thing that came into my mind was like, where would I have kept all my writing materials?

If the inspiration to write has to come, where would i have kept them.

What about the crypto lesson I obtained from leofinance everyday?

would it have been easy for me in general?



No, hive has really changed my life, it is truely a knock from heaven to my door, since Joining hive platform I have had just than good reasons to stay, when I mean good reasons to stay I mean life changing ideas that I got and learn from the platform each and everyday.

If the inspiration to write has to come, where would i have kept them

I love writing, yeah I do, joining hive has make me elaborate my writing skills up to the point that, I have to realised that i am made of gold, now I see myself, writing steadily and fasts than how I used to in some years ago, it opens my vocabulary and make me see to correct words and letter and, do you know what? in my area people called me a writer, hehehe...., because, they see the zeal in me and they realize that writing is what I am make of, it is made possible through hive.



What about the crypto lesson I obtained from @leofinance everyday ?

This is one of the hive Community that has greatly influence my knowledge about crypto practice, since ever i go around leofinance community, I have learnt a lot concerning crypto currency and what I should expect in the crypto market where hive is no exceptions.

The idea I have gotten here, I think if it was something I have to enroll as a student in a class, the tuition would have been something I would not be able to afford, but here on hive blockchain, I got it for free, just by joining this community, engaging and most importantly being active on the certain articles made.



would it have been easy for me in general ?

Without hive it wouldn't have been easy, at times, I look at what hive has given me and I smile about each and every achievement I have achieved.
Hive has not just stop there, it connects me to a network of people on whose are caring and always ready to attain to your challenges on the blockchain, is that not magical?

summary of the question

Hive blockchain influence on me is one hundred percent positive and it worth more than a gold.

I am inviting @teknon, @dwixer and @harlowjourney to this initiative.

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