Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing great and are in good health.

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I am here to talk about my highlight on hive, a community challenge from @guiltyparties, click here to know more about the challenge.

Although I have joined joined only recently, just a random newbie here, I had my fair share of highlights in here. To just mention only one won't be easy for me.

My highlight would be joining the hive itself and discovering its rich ecosystem of dApps and communities.

For everyone their first post or introduction post has to be a major #highlight in anybody's journey here, so as was mine. I posted my introduction post on 25th November and to my surprise got a good response, everyone came to the comments section with those warm welcomes and giving tips and suggestion was so overwhelming for me. I couldn't believe that people really wanted to help not like anyother social media platform where you won't get any response with your first post if you are not a celebrity or a known face.
You can check my Introduction post here. (not the best one you have read..haha)

My other #highlight would be joining @indiaunited and @theterminal which helped me learning a lot. And through these communities I have found many helpful people here who are just a message away and always wants to help others.

Another highlight would be winning 10 Powered Up Hive in #HPUD event. Here is the screenshot of that.

image.png screenshot by me

As this is only the start of a long journey with hive, I am sure that the next year will bring more positive highlightes and I wish the same for all the fellow hivians.

A special thanks to @indiaunited and @theterminal for making my hive journey smooth and enjoyable.


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