Happy Birthday, Hive, I love You!

Today, I am glad to celebrate Hive’s 3rd anniversary with one and all as I prepared a simple cake with the help of a special friend who baked it for me. I designed it in red and white, along with a special greeting.


H- Hive Blockchain amazes me always for
A- Advancing everything where everyone can enjoy through
P- Potentially providing happiness and freedom with realistic goals for one and all,
P- Pioneering technology for a better web 3.0,
Y- Yearning for revolution, transformation, and progress toward the future.

B- Bold in building the brightest tomorrow away from spam, abuse, plagiarism, and artificial intelligence-generated contents
I- Inspiring every content creator’s knowledge, skills, attitude, imagination, and creativity
R- Reflecting resilience and power like a working hive of fierce and unstoppable bees
T- Transforming and growing stronger every single day from a wee redfish to an influential whale
H- Having a clear vision, dedication, and commitment to being a trustworthy
D- Decentralization that ensures proper governance, democracy, and transparency
A- Allowing everyone to support a variety of decentralized applications, and
Y- earning to provide an innovative use on top of its platform for blockchain technology.

H- Happy 3rd Power Birthday, Hive!
I-I love you
V- Very much, not only today but forever and
E- Ever, my ever-favorite Hive Blockchain!

Walking down memory lane, when I first joined the Hive ecosystem on June 15, 2022, I honestly had no idea how blockchain technology worked and all the transactions that I needed to learn.

I even stopped for months for personal reasons and came back to being active once more on August 2022.

And now, after many months of being a part of this community, not to mention that I have been active for six months since I left after joining the platform.


Through the help, inspiration, and guidance of my late sister, erikasue, my Hive friends, and the Hive community, I humbly grow with my newbie account, pinkchic, with cool badges and followers from various communities.

Indeed, I now know a little of the processes, although not all. What matters to me is the ability to learn every piece as I get hungry for learning.


At least I am now learning the main things, such as posting content in communities, powering up, delegating, and the like, as well as discovering the extraordinary potential of Hive.

Still, I am grateful for all the great chances and experiences that Hive has poured out to me, especially with all my achievements in Hive blockchain presented to me by HiveBuzz.


I firmly believe that remembering the birth of Hive at this moment is also a way of commemorating the power and strength of the community. I am also powering up some liquid Hive to increase my stake in the platform.


On this particular day, I decided to power up 30 Hive inspired by the HivePowerBday initiative of @theycallmedan and the team.

Perhaps I am always wishing for the success of Hive not only today but for its growth in the long years to come, as I want all the best for Hive.
May it continuously grow to be the epitome of innovation in the fantastic world of web 3.0, in the extraordinary world of blockchain technology.

Happy Birthday, Hive, I love you!

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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