Community Challenge || My 2021 Highlight

I'm not trying to boast about it, I'm just so happy that I am way better than I was last year when I started writing. I remember skipping a lot of days not writing on my blog, I felt like I was no good at all.

I'm sure you know that feeling of agreeing that your post is no where close to some kind of awesome post you read around... I was challenged but lazy to take the challenge seriously.

What I knew how to do best (commenting) was what I focused more on when I joined Hive because I felt really intimidated by the kind of posts I read... So unlike the other platform I came from.

So I decided to find ways to improve on my writing skills, don't ask me how I was able to improve on it... I really don't know how because I still feel I have a lot to learn.

Image was taken from @guiltyparties post

So my highlight would be... My participation on @dreemport challenge for 6 weeks...

My entries all came out amazing! You'd be surprised to know that I've read them over and over again but still feel like I haven't gotten enough of them.

  • Taking trips to different part of the world
  • Going for trips with my valuable friends
  • Making surprises on the trips
  • Planning amazing trip for special ones
  • Researching about the world to make a better trip post
  • Learning about new dishes eaten in other parts of the world

All these were made easy for me to do just with my Hive account and the opportunity to show case it through @dreemport and I felt so excited writing each of them.

Not missing out on any of the challenge was also a part of the highlight for me. I almost did miss out on the last one because I wasn't feeling good at that time but somehow that post came out even better.

Getting high ranks on my trip posts through Dreemport was a part of the highlight as well, that showed me how good the post were and it encouraged me to keep improving which I'm trying to do.

I remember the trip challenge posts helped me enter for a trip contest on Hive and it was so nice because I was good at it through the Dreemport challenge posts I've been writing... Another part of the highlight is using what I'm good at to learn other things.

Having more tickets, being present with others in the Dreemport meeting for the prize reveal and winning 1000 HP from the prize draw... were all part of my highlight. I missed the grand prize but I was happy to be part of those eligible for the prize.

I don't know if this looks like a highlight to others but it was for me and I'm so happy writing about it once again. There are so many highlights in this year for me but I'll go with the one fresh in my mind.

Thanks to @guiltyparties for organizing this Community Challenge I got to share my highlight which I'm still excited about.

Thanks for reading!!!

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