Hello all.
I trust we are all doing well.
It's my first time posting in this community even though I've been subscribed for a while now.

I must have mentioned before, it's also indicated in my profile that I joined around May. I got in here through a friend, at first I was having issues creating my account but she help me and because of her, I am on hive today and every moment spent here has been an amazing one and is worth it.

I joined hive around May however, wasn't active at all until three months ago. I tried not to pressurize myself too much about being recognized and all that so as not to give up before even starting.
I have been on a platform like this before it got closed down, I learned a few things from the platform which I have been applying here and it has been very helpful. Ever since I joined hive, there have indeed been many milestones that have always always been left me in awe.

My Highlight on hive.

For this challenge, I will be writing about my one main highlight.

I recently finished my training which I started around October. It was a 2- months training which costs some amounts of money, I couldn't put it aside because it was important to me. I had my materials for the training and every other thing I needed.

Fortunately for me, I was informed about ongoing product sales, unfortunately, I was totally out of cash but I needed to get those products because it was certain that after the sales that period, the prices were going to double up. I had no choice but to take a loan while hubby assisted with the amount he had available.
The plan I had to pay the loan initially was a business that I was going to do just a few days after getting the loan, unfortunately, the business didn't come through. I was left worried about how I was going to pay up the money, I didn't want to push it all to hubby, so I decided to get more serious with hive.

I got serious and made sure I was doing my best here, luckily for me, it paid off. Within 14-20 days, I was able to raise all that money from hive. Hubby didn't need to assist with the payment anymore, I was so happy that I could earn that here. Hive was my saving grace.

There have been many more things I have gotten through hive and I'm still getting. It's just nice to be here. Being serious, consistent, and Persistent is all it takes to achieve success in a platform like this.
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